iOS 16 Notifications Display As Count, Stack, List (How To)

iOS 16 Notifications Display As List

iOS 16 Notifications Display As List

In iOS 16 notifications have been also revamped to match the new Lock Screen. They show up at the bottom of the screen, to avoid interfering with the new widgets. Text and images are bolder and you can choose from three available layouts.

iOS 16 Notifications Display As Feature

iOS 16 Notifications Display As setting

  • Open Settings and tap on Notifications.
  • Display As setting is available at the top of the screen. Tap it!
  • Choose from: Count, Stack and List view.
  • Tip: The default iOS 16 notifications layout is Count.

How To Use Notifications In iOS 16

You can interact with notifications displayed on the Lock Screen:

  • Tap or pinch a notification list to change layout and expand the view.
    iOS 16 notifications expanded view
    Tip: Use the Show Less option to return to the standard view.
  • Half-swiple-left to reveal additional Options: Mute, Add To Summary, View Settings, Turn Off All [app name] Notifications and more.
    iOS 16 notification options
  • Swipe-left on the notifications stack to dismiss them.

Other iOS 16 Notifications Features

  • [number] Notifications label available on the Lock Screen, centered, between the Flashlight and Camera icons? This happens when you select Display As Count from the options mentioned above.
    iOS 16 notifications count Lock Screen
    Fact: It’s displayed when you have pending notifications that you haven’t addressed yet. Tap it to reveal them.
  • To be updated!

Notifications Not Showing Up?

Are you getting an empty widget without the notification on the Lock Screen?

That’s most likely the Now Playing widget that’s glitching out. So, don’t worry you’re not missing anything urgent.

Do you like the new iOS 16 Notifications view? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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