Apple TV Remote Firmware 0x0070 Update: Download, Features

Apple TV Remote firmware 0x0070

Apple TV Remote firmware 0x0070

The Apple TV remote firmware 0x0070 has been released by Apple! The new update is available for the 2021 redesigned Siri Remote. We’re talking about the grey remote with the updated interface that’s displayed in the image uploaded above.

Apple TV remote firmware 0x0070 comes to replace 0x0061 as the software version is updated from 9M6772 to 10M1103. This updated Siri remote ships with the last-generation Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD models.

How To Check Apple TV Firmware Version

how to check Apple TV Remote firmware version

  • On Apple TV open Settings.
  • Go for Remotes and Devices.
  • Select Remote and the firmware version is displayed just below the Serial Number. If you get 0x0070, it means that the Siri remote has been already updated.

How To Update Firmware on Apple TV Remote

Similar with the AirPods, the Siri remote is updated automatically, over-the-air, when all conditions are meet.

Apple doesn’t provide info about what you have to do to encourage the update, but some common sense tips are:

  • Turn On Apple TV and keep the Siri remote nearby.
  • Make sure that the remote’s battery is charged above 50%. (Info about current battery status is displayed in the Remote settings screen shared above.)
  • apple tv remote 0x0070 firmware

  • Restart Apple TV. (Settings -> System -> Restart)

Apple TV Remote Not Updating Firmware?

apple tv remote not updating firmware
The most common cause that will prevent the Siri Remote from updating its firmware is the battery status. Most Apple gadgets, won’t update if the charge is below 50%.

Tip: Use the USB to Lightning cable that shipped with your Apple Remote to charge it using a wall charger or one of the USB ports of your computer!

Apple TV Remote Firmware 0x0070 Features

Apple does not provide release notes for Siri remote firmware updates. All changes or new features have to be uncovered through testing.

Most likely this release covers under-the-hood performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Nevertheless, if you notice any changes use the comments section to share them with us and we will update them here. Some of the new features expected by users are:

  • Siri Remote low battery warning on Apple TV, that should hint users that’s time to charge the device.
  • Siri screen when pressing the Siri button should close automatically if there’s not interaction. At the moment it requires the Back or the Home button to be pressed.
  • To be updated.

Siri Remote Firmware 0x0070 Issues

As there are no release notes we can’t be sure about any bug fixes until we actually test them.

One of the most annoying bugs reported for the Siri remote is causing laggy volume controls. This latency mainly occurs when using the Apple TV remote to control the volume of stereo paired HomePods.

Other Apple TV Frimware 0x0070 Problems

Here you have a list of issues reported by our readers, along with available workarounds:

  • 1. Select button not working. Reported by Joshua.
    Fix: Reboot Apple TV.
  • 2. Apple TV remote volume control not working anymore via IR with Samsung TV, LG TV, Panasonic and other brands. Reported by AppleTvUser, Daniel, carlos and others
  • Fix: Force restart Apple TV (Press & hold back button and Apple TV button for 10 seconds). Confirmed by Arnaud and Edde.
  • 3. To be updated!

Has this issue been fixed for you? Do you experience other new bugs? Use the comments section to share your feedback. We will try to replicate the issues and find workarounds.

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