iOS 16 Removed Wallpapers: Live, Stock, Dark (FREE Download)

Old Wallpapers removed in iOS 16

Old wallpapers removed in iOS 16

iOS 16 removed wallpapers from iPhone! All live wallpapers and stock wallpapers are gone from iPhone in the initial 16.0 release. No dark mode with automatic switching for the default iOS 16 wallpaper is available either!

iOS 16 Removed Wallpapers?

Believe it or not, Apple has removed all the live wallpapers and stock backgrounds available from previous iOS versions!

Although, the new Lock Screen comes with the option to add an unlimited number of backgrounds, iPhone users are currently missing some trademark iOS wallpapers.

Download All iOS Wallpapers

You can use any photo as background in iOS 16. This means that you can download the old wallpapers and configure them on the Lock Screen or Home Screen.

Download Now: from Google Photos (Free link)

The downsides of this workaround are:

  • All images are stills. You can’t get back the Live Wallpapers.
  • Although you can grab both Light and Dark version of wallpapers, they won’t be able to automatically switch as they used to. You have to do it manually from the Lock Screen edit mode!

Clownfish Wallpaper In iOS 16

The only consolation remains the original clownfish wallpaper that has been finally re-added to the stock lineup.
Here is how to set it up:
clownfish wallpaper ios 16

  • Open Settings -> Wallpapers -> Add New Wallpaper.
  • Scroll for the Collections section.
  • Swipe to the end to reach Clownfish wallpaper. Tap it.
  • Add Lock Screen widgets and tap Add when ready.
  • Set as Wallpaper Pair or Customize Home Screen and that’s it!

Are you also missing the old iOS wallpapers? Do you think that Apple plans to bring them back in upcoming iOS 16 iterations? What’s your favorite iOS wallpaper? Share your questions and suggestions in the comments.

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