iOS 17.0.1 Battery Drain Issue Or Not? [Tips Included!]

ios 17 battery drain issues

iOS 17 battery drain issues.

Are you affected by the iOS 17.0.1 battery drain issue? Is your iPhone losing battery life faster than usual? How do you find the .0.1 update when compared to 17.0 and 16.6.1? Would you label it a problem or not?

iOS 17.0.1 Battery Drain Issue?

ios 17.0.1 battery drain graph
This problem has been reported by Manu:

“Battery life still lousy after updating to 17.0.1!”

Similar complaints have been spotted on Reddit:
1: “Battery life still not fixed in iOS 17.0.1.”
2: “Updated iPhone 13 Pro Max from iOS 15.6 to 17.0.1 and it was mistake. My battery drains when I using my iPhone I lose a percentage every 2 minutes.”

iOS 17.0.1 Battery Drain Feedback

We did not notice a significant drop in daily battery life when comparing to other devices used on previous versions.

Nevertheless, if you allowed your iPhone to index data in the first 48 hours and are still getting significantly less screen time when compared to the previous versions, please share your feedback in the comments!

Fact: The Geekbench 4 battery speed tests graph confirms that iOS 17 and iOS 17.0.1 are battery hogs for most iPhone models.

How To Fix iOS 17 Battery Drain

If you’re experiencing problems with iPhone battery life you should try the following:

1. Turn Off Listen for Siri / Hey Siri

Apple has introduced a new feature that allows your iPhone to wake the virtual assistant just by mentioning “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri”.

This new feature might include a glitch that’s causing excessive battery drain. Do it in:
Settings -> Siri & Search -> Listen for ‘Siri’ or ‘Hey Siri’ -> Select Off despite of the other options.

2. Disable Location Services

A Reddit user claims that he managed to improved battery life by disabling the iPhone’s GPS. Apparently, a weather complication on the paired Apple Watch was glitching out for him.

3. Clean Install iOS 17

If you updated over-the-air to 17.0.1 or whatever the current version is, you should be aware that minor glitches might cause the iPhone to work overtime, overheat and drain battery life!

Tip: This has to be done with the help of a computer and the iPhone’s lightning cable. More details here.

4. Downgrade to iOS 17 or 16.7

If battery drain is unbearable on your iPhone, you should consider downgrading to iOS 17 or iOS 16.7.

You need a computer, the charging calbe and the Finder software (on Mac) and iTunes (for Windows) computers!

Tip: A step-by-step for downgrading iOS 17 to 16 is available here.

Have you managed to fix iOS 17.0.1 battery drain problem? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments.

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