Magnifier Not Available In Markup On iPhone & iPad In iOS 17

magnifier not available iOS 17 issue

Magnifier not available in iOS 17 Markup.

Magnifier not available in Markup menu on iPhone after iOS 17 update? Trying to edit photos and zoom in to highlight various part of the frame but can’t find the magnifying option? Apple has most likely discontinued it!

Magnifier Not Available In iOS 17 Markup Options?

This problem has been reported by Andres:

“Can’t find the Magnifier tool in Photos edit menu. Has it been discontinued?”

We did notice Magnifier missing from the Markup menu since the initial iOS 17 beta, but thought that Apple had left it our accidentally.

Issue has been reported ever since. It seems that Apple has intentionally removed it. Are you missing it too? Share your thoughts in the comments as we plan to ask for a reinstatement of this iOS 13 feature!

How To Fix Magnifier Not Showing On iPhone

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way of getting the built-in magnifier too back on your iPhone. Here are your options:

1. Third-party Apps

You should find a third-party app in the App Store that provides similar functionality.

2. Use A Mac

You can markup a photo or image with Magnifier on the Mac if your computer isn’t updated to macOS Sonoma.

Tip: AirDrop your image to the computer, edit it using the Magnifier tool and send it back to your iPhone or iPad.

3. Downgrade to iOS 16

Magnifier editing tool is still available on devices running older iOS version. If this feature is that important, you can choose to downgrade to iOS 16.7 and get it back.

Have you managed to find Magnifier on iPhone or iPad in iOS 17? Do you have a workaround for this missing feature? Would you like Apple to bring it back? Share your thoughts in the comments. We’re using this article to provide feedback to Apple!

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