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iOS 16.2 battery drain

iOS 16.2 Battery Drain Issue? Poor Battery Life? How To Fix!

Having iOS 16.2 battery drain issues? Is your iPhone battery life bad after the latest update? Or, you’re getting the opposite? Has this version fixed battery draining fast problem, experienced in previous iOS 16 versions?…

watchOS 9.2 battery drain

watchOS 9.2 Battery Drain? Apple Watch Dying Fast? (Fixed!)

Are you experiencing watchOS 9.2 battery drain issues? Apple Watch is dying faster after the latest software update? A full charge cycle depletes within 4 hours instead of one full day? You’re not alone!…

amazon app overheating iphone

Amazon App Overheating iPhone? iOS 16.1.2 Battery Drain?

Amazon app overheating iPhone in iOS 16? This results in excessive battery drain, display dimming and iPhone too hot warning messages? Issue persists after iOS 16.1.2 update? You’re not alone!…

battery draining fast ios 16.1.1

Battery Draining Fast iOS 16.1.1 Problems! [How To Fix?]

Battery draining fast on iPhone after iOS 16.1.1 update? Device has to be charged several times a day? Battery depleting heavily even during the night while Do Not Disturb is active? You’re not alone! We’ve got numerous complaints about this annoying issue….

macos ventura battery drain sleep

macOS Ventura Battery Drain During Sleep Mode? (Fix?)

Experiencing macOS Ventura battery drain during sleep mode? Mac battery drains overnight since you updated to macOS 13? This usually happens when third-party apps are preventing your computer from entering sleep phase!…