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ios 16 battery drain

iOS 16 Battery Drain Issues? Fix: 7 Battery Saving Tips!

Are you experiencing severe iOS 16 battery drain after update? Issues persist even in iOS 16.0.2, several weeks after the initial release? Apple is due to patch these problems, but until then, you can apply the following battery saving tips!…

iOS 16 battery drain issue

iOS 16 Battery Drain Issue During Beta Testing (Fixed?!)

As expected, iOS 16 battery drain issues are widespread in the early Developer Beta stages. This happens because the new OS isn’t fine tuned and uses more resources for the same tasks when compared to iOS 15….

iphone battery draining fast ios 15.5

iPhone Battery Draining Fast, Overheating? (iOS 15.5 Fix!)

Is iPhone battery draining fast while the device is used normally? Does the smartphone overheat without performing any complex multitasking actions? This can be a common issue in iOS 15.5 and its predecessors iOS 15.4.1 and iOS 15.4!…

iPhone flashlight turns on by itself

iPhone Flashlight Turns On By Itself (Fix Battery Drain)

iPhone flashlight turns on by itself while stored in your pocket? Device feels warm to the hand when you pick it up and the battery level is much lower than expected? This is most likely caused by an accidental tap of the Flashlight icon, registered on the iPhone Lock Screen!…

AirTag causes huge Find My Battery Drain

How To Fix Find My Battery Drain Issue Caused By AirTag

Is your iPhone’s battery draining faster than usual? Have you checked the Battery stats and Find My is the app to blame? Does it score ridiculously high battery usage values for Background Activity? Have you recently connected an AirTag to your iPhone? Apple’s Bluetooth tracker is the most common cause for excessive Find My battery…