iPhone 12 Might Not Ship With EarPods In The Box

iPhone 12 without earbuds in the box

iPhone 12 could ship without earbuds in the box!

Apple has shipped iPhones together with the classic wired earbuds every since the initial release. However, this is about to change, according to a report of one of the most popular Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. The Taiwanese expert claims that the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup might be the first generation that won’t include the earpods in the box!

The reasoning for this decision is financial of course. Apple intends to boost its AirPods sales and will most likely start a special discount campaign for its Bluetooth earpods as soon as the iPhone 12 will be released this fall. Same analyst claims that the traditional wired earbuds will be also available for purchase as an extra. It’s unclear yet if this change will lower the iPhone 12 expected retail prices, with the retail value of the extracted earbuds. Unfortunately, this might not be the case though.

This move won’t gain Apple any popularity points for sure, especially if the earbuds removal is not reflected in the retail price. There are many iPhone owners that also purchased the AirPods but are still using the wired earbuds when they need hands-free talking. This happens simply because the microphone is better positioned and thus provides better audio quality for the traditional iPhone earbuds.

Ming-Chi Kuo is a respected technology analyst with KGI Securities and the vast majority of his “leaks” regarding upcoming Apple products have materialized in the past! What do you think about Apple’s plan to remove the wired earbuds from the new iPhone box? Will this “persuade” you to buy one of the available AirPods? Let us know in the comments section available below!

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