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iPhone 12 no sound issue

iPhone 12 No Sound Issue? (Apple Service Program Extended!)

Apple has confirmed, last year, that iPhone 12 no sound issue might be caused by a faulty hardware component. A service program was started to fix this problem, free of charge, for all affected users that meet the requirements listed below….

iOS 15.1.1

iOS 15.1.1 Call Drop Fix, Features, Download & More

Apple has released iOS 15.1.1 with build number 19B81. It’s a minor bug fixing update for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Series. According to the release notes it fixes call drop issues on the above mentioned devices….

iPhone 12 Battery Health dropping fast

iPhone 12 Battery Health Dropping Fast? How To Slow It Down!

Is the iPhone 12 battery health dropping fast? Does the Maximum Capacity value decrease quicker than usual? You’re wondering if this is normal? Are you worried that the battery might be defective? Let’s take a look at the average iPhone battery usage values and find out what is considered normal in terms of iPhone 12…

iPhone random vibrations

iPhone Vibrates Randomly For No Reason In iOS 15? (Fixed!)

iPhone vibrates randomly without any reason? There’s no banner notification generated or any other incoming alert, that could justify the unexpected haptic feedback? Are these vibrations occurring several times per hour? A glitchy third-party app or an iOS bug could be causing this!…

MagSafe Model Number in Settings

How To Check If Apple MagSafe Charger Is Genuine

Are you worried that your recently purchased MagSafe charger is not genuine? This is a legit doubt if you haven’t bought it from an Apple Store or an official retailer. Due to the fact that Apple products and accessories are premium and pricey, they are often replaced by counterfeits and you can end up charging…