iPhone 13 Quadruple-Lens Camera Module Already Leaked?

Leaked iPhone 13 quadruple-lens Camera module

Leaked iPhone 13 quadruple-lens Camera module. Source: Twitter

Believe it or not, we’re more than three months away from the expected release of the iPhone 12 lineup and a popular Apple leaker has already provided info about how the 2021 iPhone camera module will look like. Fudge has tweeted a basic design that showcases the allegedly iPhone 13 main camera setup. Yes, it’s a proper stove this time! Four lenses are equally distributed in the square-like camera module. The LiDAR sensor is this time placed below the module, and not inside as in with the rumored iPhone 12 camera setup.

It’s known that Apple and most tech companies plan their products way ahead of time. However, the initial plans get lots of edits until the final version. This is why the source of this info asks us to treat it accordingly. Even if this leak is legit, plans can be seriously altered until the final product. Fudge, also mentions the exact specifications of each lens that should build the iPhone 13 camera setup. They’re available below!

iPhone 13 Quadruple Camera Setup
Here are the leaked main features of the 2021 iPhone camera modules:

  • Lens 1: 64-megapixel wide-angle with 1x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom.
  • Lens 2: 40-megapixel telephoto with 3x-5x optical zoom and 15-20x digital zoom.
  • Lens 3: 64-megapixel anamorphic for video capture (2.1:1).
  • Lens 4: 40-megapixel .25x min ultra wide-angle with optical reverse zoom.
  • LiDAR 4.0

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 11 Camera Module
iPhone 11 arnold schwartzeneger terminator case The current iPhone flagship packs a triple-lens setup:
– 12-megapixel wide-angle camera
– 12-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera
– 12-megapixel telephoto camera
Fact: The triple-lens camera module was heavily mocked after the iPhone 11 Pro announcement with dozens of memes flooding social media websites that compared it with a stove, Terminator’s rocket launcher or a razor machine.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 Camera Module
We’re still months away from the release of the 2020 iPhone flagship and there have been lots of rumors and leaks about its main camera setup. But most of them focused on the addition of the new LiDAR sensor for better 3D mapping to the triple-lens module. However there has been little mentioning about the quality of the lenses. The iPhone 12 could get a bump to
– a 64-megapixel wide-angle camera
– a telephoto lens that supports 3x optical zoom, instead of the 2x available on the iPhone 11.
Fact: The high notch camera setups will be available for the higher end iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro max models and most likely the trend will be kept in 2021 for the iPhone 13.

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