iPhone 15 Apple Pay Issue? Could Not Set Up Apple Pay?

iphone 15 apple pay error

iPhone 15 Apple Pay error

Are you encountering iPhone 15 Apple Pay issues? NFC on your brand new device isn’t working anymore? You get the Could Not Set Up Apple Pay error? You’re not the only one! You could deal with a hardware failure caused by overheating!

iPhone 15 Apple Pay Issue?

iphone 15 apple pay issue
This problem has been reported by Damian:

“Facing Apple Pay issues days after purchasing the device. Device had an emergency restore after using my car’s built-in wireless charger. Is this hardware or software fixable?”

This appears to be a significant issue! The story has been recently covered on MacRumors.

The conclusion is that built-in wireless car chargers might cause the new iPhone 15 Pro to overheat to such a degree that the NFC chip gets fried and thus causing permanent hardware damage!

Fact: Wireless car chargers overheating iPhones isn’t surprising, as confirmed by a Reddit user:

“I opt not to use my wireless charger in my car. It gets the phone really hot and I rather just use a cable if I have to charge.”

Apparently, reports hint that the BMW wireless car charger might go over the limit. Users of this car brand confirm that iPhones wirelessly charged on BMW’s charging pads would often overheat, especially when using CarPlay in the same time:

“Same issue here. 2022 BMW with surface charger. I set my week old iPhone 15pro on the charger and when I removed it the screen turned white and I had to wait about and hour for it to reboot. The message said something about emergency restore. Then the Apple Pay stopped working.”

Most likely the ‘usual’ overheating caused by wireless car chargers, combined with the early-day iPhone 15 overheating problems lead to such high temperatures that the NFC chip gets toasted!

Important: These are only suppositions at the moment, as neither Apple or BMW have released an official statement regarding this problem!

How To Fix iPhone 15 Apple Pay Problem

If your device fits the script the only thing that you can do about is to bring your device to an Apple Store and ask for a replacement / repair as confirmed by a MacRumors user.

Fact: Apple is expected to release a software update soon to fix the overall iPhone 15 overheating problems and this might be enough to stop the NFC chip failures when wirelessly charging.

Tip: Disable BMW Charger via iDrive

You can disable the BMW wireless charger from the iDrive menu and continue to use the Digital Key on your iPhone to unlock and start / stop your car. Of course, if the NFC chip on your iPhone 15 is still healthy!

Have you managed to fix Apple Pay not working on iPhone 15 / 15 Pro? Do you have a better solution or more helpful info to report? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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