iPhone Lock Screen Black When Charging After iOS 17 Update?

iphone lock screen black when charging

iPhone Lock Screen black when charging.

Is your iPhone Lock Screen black when charging in iOS 17? The wallpaper disappears when the phone is awake while you connect it to charger? Clock is barely visible and only the status bar is distinguishable?

iPhone Lock Screen Black In iOS 17?

This issue has been reported by Wes:

“Wallpaper disappears, turns black when I connect iPhone to charger.”

We encountered this glitch too and have seen other reports on Reddit:

“Sometime when I plug my phone in to charge the wallpaper disappears.”


“plugged the cable to charge and iPhone wakes up with a suddenly black wallpaper.”


“Had it as well when it was attached to the car , right after unhooking the cable.”

How To Fix Black Lock Screen When Charging

This looks like an early-days iOS 17 bug. Apple will have to fix it in an upcoming update. Until then apply the following:

1. Lock/Unlock iPhone

Often this glitch is fixed with the help of the Side Button. Click it to lock device and repeat to wake. Does it help?

2. Unplug iPhone

If the problem persists, disconnect the charging cable and reconnect it.

3. Reboot Device

If you reached this step it means that you have to restart your device to get rid of the black Lock Screen wallpaper. Power you iPhone Off and back On or use the force restart combo.

Fact: Wallpaper turning black was a huge bug in iOS 16. However, back then the glitch would manifest itself system-wide and randomly, not related to charging!

Are you still having the Lock Screen turn black when connecting iPhone to charger? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments!

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