iPhone 15 CarPlay Not Working? USB-C Cable Issues?

iphone 15 carplay not working

iPhone 15 CarPlay not working

Having iPhone 15 CarPlay issues? Apple flagship not connecting to CarPlay when using the new USB-C port? Devices charges but no CarPlay connection is detected? You’re not the only one!

iPhone 15 CarPlay Not Working?

This issue has been reported by several users including Dave:

“Can’t make it connect to carplay. It’s charging but that’s it. I’m using an USB-A to USB-C cable.”

It seems to be a common problem as we’ve seen similar complaints on Apple’s Discussion forums:
“My Apple CarPlay does not work with the new iPhone 15 USB-c. The car only has a USB port, and I’ve tried multiple USB to USB-C cables and none work. It’s a 2023 Mazda CX-30”

Fact: Other cars with problems seem to be 2020 Acura MDX, 2020 Toyota Camry, 2021 Ram 1500, 2022 Tacoma, 2022 Wrangler, Suzuki Vitara 2019, 2022 Wrangler Rubicon, 2018 Jeep GC and many others.

How To Fix iPhone 15 CarPlay Issues

Apparently, the issue is more likely to occur with cars that don’t have an USB-C port.

Also take in account that there are many USB-C cables on the market that are designed to only charge a device and are not compatible with data transfer!

On top of all this, there might be also an iOS 17 glitch preventing the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro series from connecting to CarPlay.

Considering everything here is what you should try to fix iPhone 15 CarPlay issues:

1. Flip The USB Cable

In some cases you can fix CarPlay not working on iPhone 15 by just flipping the USB cable over. Try it first at the iPhones end and if it’s not working also flip on the other side too.

Credits: thanks iyasin97 for sharing this workaround!

2. Use A Compatible USB-A to USB-C Cable

First of all make sure that the cable you use is compatible with data transfer. Some that have been confirmed to work are:

3. Try A Wireless CarPlay Adapter

If not cable seems to help, try switching to a wireless CarPlay adapter and have your iPhone connect over-the-air with your car. Some of the options are:

4. Use USB-C To Lightning Adapter

Another option requires you to stick with your old Lightning connection port. In this case you need an USB-C to Lightning adapter that’s sold by Apple over here.

Have you managed to fix iPhone 15 not connecting to CarPlay? Do you have a better solution or some other problem to report? Share your feedback in the comments please!

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