iPhone Call Forwarding Tips and Tricks

ios call forwarding menu

iOS Call Forwarding Menu.

The iPhone Call Forwarding feature proves itself very useful in a series of common situations. Here are all tips and tricks that you should know about this iOS tool. Read on and know how, when and where to use Call Forwarding.

What is Call Forwarding?
This setting allows you to redirect incoming calls towards another phone number. You have the option to select the number that you wish your calls to be redirect to. It can be another mobile phone number, or a land-line one. It really doesn’t matter what number you pick as long as you choose an active one.
With Call Forwarding in place all calls that income to your iPhone are automatically redirected to the preset phone number. You won’t notice that someone called you! Basically your phone won’t ring and you won’t be disturbed.

Call Forwarding Setup
Simply unlock your iOS device, tap Settings, scroll for Phone and access the Call Forwarding menu. Switch it ON and tap on Forward to. Now type the phone number that you wish your calls should be forwarded to. You have to know the number and input it manually because you can’t select a contact from your Contacts list. Now, tap “Back” and your Call Forwarding setup is complete!

When Does Call Forwarding Work?
It’s important to know that iOS Call Forwarding works in all situations. I mean, if you complete the setup explained above, all incoming calls will be forwarded no matter if your iPhone is switched ON, has Carrier Signal, is running in Airplane Mode or is Switched Off!
Call Forwarding can only be disabled if you return to its menu and deactivate it.

When To Use Call Forwarding!
This iPhone feature can be used in various situations. However, here is a list with the most popular and efficient situations of call forwarding your contacts!
1. On Holidays: Nobody wants to be disturbed while laying on a sandy beach and enjoying the pleasure of summer holidays. If you can afford the luxury activate Call Forwarding on your iPhone and redirect your job to one of your colleagues for the next fortnight. This way you ensure that your customers remain satisfied while you take some time for yourself.

2. Low Battery: This is a really ingenious solutions if your iPhone’s battery is dying and you are nowhere near a power source. If you have an acquaintance with a mobile phone nearby, while expecting a few important calls, forward them towards his phone. You’ll be able to pick-up calls from your friends phone without the caller ever noticing!

3. Multiple Phones: This situation applies if you own both a personal and a work iPhone. Decide which is more important and forward one to the other. You can forward personal calls to your work phone during weekdays and the other way around during weekends!

Call Forwarding Video Tutorial
Take a look at how to set up Call Forwarding and a series of test that prove how and when this iPhone feature works. Video tutorial is recorded with the help of an iPhone 5S running iOS 7.1.