iPM Apple Watch Stand On Limited Time Sale

ipm apple watch stands

iPM Apple Watch stands.

If you didn’t acquire a stand for your watch OS device, here is a nice tip that will help you purchase one, for a bargain! iPM is currently offering a massive discount for their Apple Watch accessory, via Groupon.com. Buy a pedestal for your wrist-worn device for only $9.99! That’s a massive $20 discount, from the usual retail price. However, you do need to hurry because this is a limited time offer!

Why do I need a stand from my Apple Watch? … one might ask. If you already bought or plan to purchase a wrist gadget, you’re surly owning an iPhone. The smartphone can be easily used without a charging dock, because it’s very easy to store and charge your iOS device on your desk or any other smooth surface. You don’t necessarly need a charging stand to make things easy. The same doesn’t apply for the Watch though. Once you own the device, you’ll notice that it’s quite annoying to connect the MagSafe charger, every evening, if you don’t have a stand to properly accommodate your Watch.

How To Buy The Discounted Apple Watch Stand

red apple watch stand Simply, tap on this Groupon.com offer and take a look at the stand and its features. If you decide to go for the purchase, select the color. Black, Green, Red and White are the available tones. Next, tap the green “BUY!” button and proceed with checkout.
In case you aim to buy more than one items, you can adjust this from your shopping cart, by tweaking with the Quantity setting. If you look for different colors, then return to the page with the offer, select another color and tap on “BUY”! once again.

iPM Apple Watch Stand Features

ipm apple watch stand cutout – Plastic stand with a rubber cushion protection where Watch case meets the accessory.
– Comes with a cutout for the MageSafe charger and its cable.
– Stores your watch OS device while charging, or not in use, at an easy-to-glance 45° angle.
– It’s compatible with all Apple Watch models.
– Size: 2.09” x 1.38” x 3.94”.

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