Little Kitten For iPhone And iPad Goes Free (Save $1.99)

little kitten free app of the week

Little Kitten Free App of the Week 20.

This Week’s App of the Week promotion features a game that every little kid would love to play. Little Kitten, developed by the Germans from Fox and Sheep GmbH, brings a sweet, playful little pet to your iPhone and iPad. Children can spend quality time with their virtual cat, while exploring the cute kitten world. With the help of the unique game design they will develop their imagination, train focus and attention, solve interesting memory puzzles, play educational mini games and much more.

Little Kitten brings impressive graphics and beautifully mastered animations. The downside of these features is that it requires a significant amount of storage space, 868 MB to be more precise. However, on the bright side of things, you have to be aware that are the game can be fully played even when your iPhone is in offline mode. It’s in fact a new entry in our best iOS apps that can be played in Airplane Mode collection!

little kitten app store download page Install Little Kitten For iOS
Little Kitten for iOS usually retails for $1.99, but now you can download it for free. Tap the nearby link to open the official App Store download page. Hit GET followed by INSTALL and wait until the software is installed on your iPhone or iPad. Tap OPEN when available to start exploring the kitten world.
Facts: This game requires iOS 9.3 or a newer version. It’s advertised as developed for the ages of 5 an under but even adults won’t regret testing it out!

little kitten for ios screenshot The 7 Little Kitten Mini Games
As you explore your pet’s world you have the opportunity to play up to seven mini games:
1. Hide&Seek: find the hidden kitten. Hints like light focusing on the area of the cats whereabouts help the little ones complete the task.
2. Mouse&Cheese: Memorize the zones that allow the mouse to sneak past the kitten and reach the cheese.
3. Paw Painting: your kid has the opportunity to mix colors and learn realistic color combinations while using a paw print or a regular brush.
4. Bed Trampoline: perform spectacular tricks and sneaky moves while airborne.
5. Feeding: Mini games bring food rewards. Use the earned snacks to feed your little kitten.
6. Animal Puzzle: Solve funny animal-part combinations, by turning pieces until you form the full body.
7. Cat in the box: an educational game.

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