Mickey and Minnie Mouse Can Speak Out Time On Apple Watch

mickey and minnie watch faces

Mickey and Minnie Watch Face Setup

watchOS 3 brings three new Watch Face types to your Apple Watch and also offers additional options for the existing ones. For example, the Mickey Mouse background now welcomes Minnie too. You can switch between the two Disney superstars. More, you can also change the way the two cartoon characters are dressed. Mickey comes in the traditional Red shorts, as in the previous watchOS version, but also has a Classic view, that makes your Apple Watch look somewhat retro.

Upgrade: If Minnie or Mickey won’t speak out the time when you tap the Apple Watch screen, make sure that the Silent mode isn’t active on your wearable!

The color palette is much more wider for Minnie though. You can change her dress and hat in various shades to match your Watch’s wrist band. The dots on the dress remain white for all combinations, but the rest can change from the traditional Red to Classic, Orange, Apricot, Light Orange, Yellow, Green, Mint, Turquoise, Light Blue, Blue, Royal Blue, Lilac, Midnight Blue, Purple, Lavender, Light Pink, Pink, Vintage Rose, Walnut, Stone and Antique White. Additional complications are also available, but more important, you can now interact with Mickey and Minnie!

Mickey or Minnie Mouse Watch Face Time Speak Out Feature
A nice little trick that helps you check the time without looking at the Watch has been introduced starting with watchOS 3. If you tap the screen of your wearable while the display is On, Mickey or Minnie, depending on your Watch Face selection, will speak out the current time along with a giggle or a greeting like “Good mornig!”, or “Good afternoon” depending on the time of day. You will immediately recognize the cartoon heroes’ characteristic voice!
Fact: That’s a nice feature for everyone, especially for the visually impaired ones!

watchos 3 home screen app layout

watchOS 3 Home Screen app layout..

watchos 3 sounds & haptics settings

watchOS 3 Sounds & Haptics Settings

watchos 3 tap to speak time option

watchOS 3 Tap to Speak Time option.

How To Make Mickey or Minnie Talk

Minnie Mouse apple watch face

Minnie Mouse Apple Watch Face.

If you want to do it without looking at the clock, tap the screen once, this will enable the display, wait for a second, then tap again and Mickey or Minnie, depending on your Watch Face selection, will talk the exact time. Check the audio available below and hear how it’s done and hear how it sounds! Share this article and let everyone know about this TIL!
Tip: If you tap Mickey or Minnie and they don’t speak out the time, please check that the setting is active. Press the Digital Crown to open the Home Screen app layout. Tap Settings and browse for Sounds & Haptics. Now, scroll all the way down until you reach the Tap to Speak Time label. Make sure that the knob is switched ON.

Fact: If you just inserted your Apple Watch in water, the Tap to Speak Time feature might not sound properly until the speaker dries out completely.