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swipe to change Watch Face not working

Swipe To Change Watch Face Not Working In watchOS 10?

Swipe to change Watch Face not working on Apple Watch after watchOS 10 update? It’s not a bug, but intended behavior! Apple has removed this functionality along with the redesign of the watchOS 10 controls!…

medications complication not working watchos 9

Medications Complication Not Available On In watchOS 9.2?

Medications complication not available anymore on Apple Watch after watchOS 9.2 update? ‘Off’ status is displayed in the location where the Medications info used to be on the Modular Watch Face?…

apple watch face shrinks watchos 9

Apple Watch Face Shrinks? watchOS 9 Mini Watch Face Bug?

Apple Watch Face shrinks after watchOS 9 update? Watch Face glitches out and is displayed in small size, in the middle of the screen? Problem occurs with new models like Series 8 and AW Ultra, as well as older device?…

Apple Watch Pride Threads watch face

New Apple Watch Pride Threads Watch Face [How To]

A new Apple Watch Pride watch face is available for all devices running watchOS 8.6 or later. It’s called Pride Threads and comes as the 2022 addition to the Pride collection watch faces for the Apple Watch!…

Apple Watch dots on dial bug

Apple Watch Dots On Watch Face Dial Instead Of Numbers?

Is your Apple Watch showing three dots on dial instead of the numbers for some hours? Does this happen only on Watch Faces that use the analog dial, like GMT? This is a minor watchOS 8 bug that can be easily fixed in Settings….