Netflix Price Increase For Premium 4K HDR Plan ($2 Hike!)

Netflix 4k price increase timeline

Netflix 4K price increase timeline.

The sales time of the year is approaching, but Netflix decided to go against the flow! The company has increased the prices of its high resolution content streaming services by $2 per month! This means that the Premium 4K + HDR plan now retails for $17.99 / month instead of $15.99. The Standard (1080p) plan has also gone up by $1 and is now available for $13.99 / month instead of $11.99.

The Basic plan remains unchanged at $8.99. However with 480p resolution and access for a single screen it remains the worst price/quality deal that you can get!

Netflix Price Increase Timeline

Netflix’s price increase comes less than 2 years, in fact around 22 months, after its January 2019 price bump that adjusted the prices of all three plans with a similar increment. Standard package went up from $10.99 to $11.99, while the Premium monthly subscription hiked from $13.99 to $15.99.

Netflix Price Increase 2020

2020 netflix plans with price increase
The new prices will take effect immediately for new customers, according to CNBC!
Existing clients will see their Netflix bill go higher in the upcoming two months. They will receive a 30-day warning before the price bump takes effect, allowing enough time to quit the subscription if they don’t agree with the new prices.

The Netflix 2020 price bump is applied worldwide and will be adjusted to your local currency. This means that Netflix streaming services are now more expensive not only in the USA, but in Canada, Europe, Australia and all other supported regions.

Are you a Netflix subscriber? What do you think about this new price hike? Is Netflix aiming to capitalize on the COVID-19 pandemic and take advantage that customers are forced to spend more time at home, thus more prone to movie streaming? Is this a fair move?
Will you stick with Netflix or plan to switch for a competitor? Which one? Let us know, using the comments section available below!

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