How To Play Minecraft With Mouse And Keyboard On iPad / iPhone

how to play Minecraft with mouse and keyboard on iPad

Play Minecraft with mouse and keyboard on iPad !

You can now play Minecraft with mouse and keyboard on iPhone and iPad! This new feature is available thanks to a new update of the Minecraft app for iOS that adds support for in-game controls for Bluetooth peripherals.

How To Play Minecraft with Mouse And Keyboard

All that you have to do is update Minecraft on your iPhone or iPad. Starting with version 1.19.10 Bluetooth mouse and keyboard can be used as in-game controls.

Fact: You do have to make some adjustments. For example, if you’re using the Magic keyboard, there’s no way to pause the game because there’s no Escape (esc) key on Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard.

Tip: You can remap keys in Settings and change CAPS lock to bind globally to Escape. Do this in:
Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Hardware Keyboard -> Modifier Keys

Just tried this out. I have the official magic keyboard and there’s no way to pause the game (there’s no escape key). You can’t bind a key to open the pause menu either. What a horrible experience. Did they even test this?

Benefits Of Playing Minecraft on iPad

Why would you play Minecraft on iPad?
If you compare with iPhone the answer is really simple, because of the screen size.

1. It Runs Smoother Than Console

But if you compare it to a console like PS5 or Nintendo Switch you will be surprised to know that the Bedrock version is identical on mobile and console.

According to this Reddit user Minecraft Bedrock version runs smoother on iPad Pro than the Nintendo Switch.

2. It’s Cheaper

You can purchase Minecraft on mobile for $6.99 from the App Store and use the same Apple ID to download the mobile version on your iPad.

This way you can get the full game for just $6.99 and also benefit from the new Minecraft Bluetooth mouse and keyboard compatibility!

Are you an avid Minecraft player? Have you ever played the game on iPhone or iPad? Is the new option to play Minecraft with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard on iPad more appealing? Share your feedback and suggestions in the comments!

Fact: Minecraft update 1.19.10 also comes with standalone music for the iOS and iPadOS app. This way you won’t have to separately download it from the Marketplace. More details available here.

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