Answer Or Decline Phone Calls On Apple Watch

answer or decline apple watch call

Answer or decline incoming Apple Watch call.

The most fascinating feature introduced by Apple’s revolutionary smartwatch is, without a doubt, the ability to take and initiate calls on your wrist. Over a decade ago this seemed possible only within science fiction movies, but the Cupertino-based company has made it a reality in 2015.

With your Apple Watch paired to your iPhone, you can answer or decline phone calls by performing simple gestures. You don’t even need your smartphone around, to be able to engage in audio conversations with iOS contacts, as long as the Watch is withing Bluetooth reach!

More, you don’t need to be on the receiving end to be able to engage in a talk. The wrist-held gadget also allows you to make calls the same way as you would do, on your iPhone!

apple watch incoming callApple Watch Incoming Call
Whenever someone calls your iPhone number and the smartwatch is paired, the Apple Watch starts ringing and the display turns on to display Caller ID. Now, you have two options, in fact three if we count the hand gesture trick too:
Answer the call by taping the green receiver icon;
Decline the conversation by hitting the red button;
Mute the alert and leave the call unanswered until the caller hangs up.

Ongoing Apple Watch Call
ongoing apple watch phone call Once you press the green answer icon the call is connected and you can start talking using the smartwatch’s built-in speakers and microphone. The Apple Watch displays the unfolding call screen and shares information about the Caller ID and the ongoing call duration. In the top-right corner the clock info is shown. One layer below, we find the smartwatch’s speaker volume controls. Adjust the level depending on your surrounding and on how private your conversation needs to be.
In the bottom part of the screen you have a red receiver icon. Use it whenever you need to hang up. Next to it, the mute/unmute microphone icon is displayed. Use it to temporary block your end of the line.

4 Ways To Decline An Apple Watch Call
apple watch call ended screen What if your wrist-held device starts ringing and you can’t or simply don’t want to answer to a specific call? The good news is that there are plenty options to choose from. You can reject a call brutally, or politely avoid to answer and justify your actions and avoid offending the caller:
1. Decline Button
The easiest way to reject an incoming call via Apple Watch is to tap the red receiver and instantly dismiss the call. The caller will get a busy tone and will probably notice that you declined!

hand cover apple watch to mute2. Mute via Hand Gesture
A slick trick that mutes a ringing Apple Watch is by covering its display with your free hand. This way, the incoming call will be silenced until the contact hangs up. The Caller will think that you missed the call and won’t be aware that you actually muted him out.

3. Reject With Message
If you can’t pick up the call but wish to be polite and justify your decline, use the Apple Watch’s digital crown to scroll up and reveal the Send a Message option. Tap it and select from a predefined list of usual call rejecting texts. You can edit these smart answers from within the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
answer or decline apple watch call
4. Answer on iPhone
The additional call decline features also allow you to redirect your call on your smartphone. It’s not an actual rejection, because you refuse to answer on your Apple Watch in favor of picking up from your iPhone. This usually happens when you anticipate a long conversation and wish to save watch battery and avoid tiring your arm.
Tip: If these are not enough, you can find here 10 more ways of rejecting calls on your iPhone.