How To Remove Audio Device From macOS Sound Menu Bar

audio devices in macos sound menu

Audio Devices in macOS sound menu

Are you looking for a way to remove audio devices that you no longer use, from the macOS menu bar? I’m talking about those digital speakers that pile up in the drop-down list of the Sound menu!

How To Remove Audio Device From macOS Sound Menu

remove audio devices in Mac sound menu

    how to remove audio devices in macos finder

  • 1. Open Finder from Dock or using Spotlight Search (command + Space).
  • 2. Click on Go, in the top-left menu bar.
  • 3. Use Go to Folder….
  • 4. Copy/Paste the following address: /Library/Audio/ and hit Return.
  • 5. Click the Audio folder and go for Plug-Ins -> HAL.
  • 6. Right-click on the driver of the device that you want to remove and send it to the Trash.
  • 7. Reboot Mac and the audio device will stop appearing in the Sound Menu, of the macOS menu bar.
  • Credits: Thanks banterr for sharing this trick!

Have you managed to remove speakers from macOS Sound drop-down list? Do you have a better solution for macOS Ventura users? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comments!

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