Cannot Verify Server Identity iOS 16 Error On iPhone & iPad?

cannot verify server identity on iphone

Cannot Verify Server Identity on iPhone

Cannot Verify Server Identity keeps popping up on your iPhone after iOS 16 update? You’re informed that the identity of [domain name] cannot be verified and have the options to see Details or Cancel?

Cannot Verify Server Identity iOS 16?

This issue has been recently reported by Doris:

“I’m getting this error (cannot verify server identity) after updating to ios 16.2 for a strange app name that I’m not even using. Can you help?”

We did not encounter this popup recently. However, I’ve found a similar complaint on Reddit:

“After updating to iOS 16.2 this pop up keeps appearing every 5-10 seconds, how do i remove it?”

How To Fix Cannot Verify Server Identity On iPhone and iPad

This error has been covered by us a couple of years ago, as it was mostly caused by the Gmail app ( for iOS and iPadOS.

Other popular apps triggering this error have been Microsoft Outlook ( and Hotmail (

However, in iOS 16 affected iPhones and iPad seem to get the Cannot Verify Server Identity error for smaller apps like, that are most likely outdated and haven’t been updated by their developers for a long time.

In the Reddit thread mentioned above the user complains about domain been pointed out by the popup. The affected apps are trying to communicate with their server while the certificate attached to it has expired!

To stop Cannot Verify Server Identity from showing up on your device you have to detect the app that’s triggering the error:

1. Detect App & Remove

If the domain name isn’t popular try to perform a whois search for it. It might help you discover which app is causing the problem.

If you do, update or delete the app in question.

Use Mac To Find App

Alternatively you can use a macOS computer to detect the app that is causing the error:

  • 1. Connect iPhone to Mac using the Lightning to USB-C cable.
  • 2. Open Console on your computer using Spotlight Search (command + Space).
  • 3. Click on your iPhone’s name, in the left sidebar to check the real-time logs.
  • 4. Click Start streaming.
  • 5. When the Cannot Verify Server Identity error pops up again, mind the time and scroll the logs to find out the app that’s triggering it!
  • Console app cannot verify server identity trigger
    Tip: Use the search field to find the logs easier (h to e logs). Thanks Omnipresentz for sharing this trick.

2. Remove Third Party Profile

If your iPhone is managed a Configuration Profile might be causing this the cannot verify error:

  • 1. Go for Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management.
  • 2. Remove Profile under Configuration Profile that might cause this error.

3. Remove Calendar Subscriptions

  • 1. Open Calendar app.
  • 2. Tap on Calendars available, centered, at the bottom of the screen.
  • 3. Check for any Calendar subscriptions that might be causing the Cannot Verify Server Identity error.

4. Tweak Date & Time Setting

In the past this has been the main fix for Cannot Verify Server Identity error. Allowing iPhone to set Date & Time automatically would stop the popup from showing up. Try it to:

  • 1. Go for Settings -> General -> Date & Time.
  • 2. Turn On Set Automatically.

Have you managed to fix Cannot Verify Server Identity on iPhone or iPad? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments!

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