Swipe To Check Wi-Fi Connection Status, Speed, Latency & Password With Wi-Fi Widget For iOS

wi-fi widget for ios

Wi-Fi widget for iOS.

If you’re looking for useful widgets to install on your iPhone and iPad the Wi-Fi Widget app, developed by Puppy Ventures, is certainly a great choice. This Lock Screen glance is a must have piece of software, for all Apple users that love to be in control of their iOS device’s Internet connectivity. The Wi-Fi Widget info panel brings up to date info about your iPhone’s or iPad’s web connection status, speed and latency.

Wi-Fi Widget even allows you to quickly remember your Wi-Fi network’s password, whenever you have new guests coming in and want to share them access to your hotspot. Of course that all sensible info can be Passcode protected and hidden from third party Lock Screen sneak peeks. Have all these features convinced you to download? What if I tell you that on top of this, Wi-Fi Widget has gone Free for a limited time only! The software usually sells for $1.99!

Download Wi-Fi Widget On iPhone & iPad
wi-fi widget app store download screen Tap the image nearby or this download link to open the official App Store download page. If you made it in time, you’ll see the GET option and be able to grab the software free of charge. Else, you’ll have to pay the normal retail price. No matter if free or paid hit INSTALL, use your fingerprint to confirm the purchase and wait until the application is unpacked on your iOS device. Tap OPEN when ready and you’ll land on the Wi-Fi Widget home screen. Check the wireless connection’s, the name of the hotspot, perform a Speed or Latency test and save the Password to be able to share it with others later on.

Enable Wi-Fi Widget In iOS
add wi-fi widget to ios lock screenHowever, you won’t use the app’s home screen too often, because there is a much more simpler way to stay updated with your iPhone’s Wi-Fi connectivity. Unlock your device and swipe-right to access the Widget view. Next, scroll all the way down until you reach the Edit button. Tap it and you’ll get a list of all available widgets. The first one includes the glances that are currently in use. Scroll for the More Widgets section and tap on the green “+” icon available next to the Wi-Fi label. Now, drag & drop the newly installed widget to the preferred listing order and hit Done (top-right corner) to save your selection. Check out the fresh configured Wi-Fi widget in the glance view.

wi-fi widget displaying cellular data info Tip: Tap on Show More, available in the top-right corner of the widget panel, to check out the current connection’s Password and unveil the Copy and Share options.

Fact: If you’re not in range of a known Wi-Fi router and the Cellular Data connectivity kicks-in, the widget let’s you know that you’re running on Cellular megabytes. Yes, you can also Speed and Latency test your carrier’s Internet.

wi-fi widget speed testHow To Speed Test Wi-Fi Connectivity
Swipe-right to reach the Widget view and tap on the “Tap to Test” text, next to the “Speed:” label. Testing starts instantly and if the connection is fast results are displayed within a couple of seconds. I’ve tested Internet speed for various connections and the results are accurate. They’re displayed in Mbps while Latency is measured in milliseconds.
Tip: To test how fast the Wi-FI network reacts (Latency), you have to tap on the Wi-Fi icon on your iPhone’s home screen and open the app. Next, tap on Menu, available at the bottom of the screen and select Latency instead of Speed.

Wi-Fi Widget Pro
upgrade to wi-fi widget pro screen At the time of this review, Wi-Fi widget comes with an in-app purchase that unlocks the Pro Version. The paid edition removes ads, allows Passcode protection (Lock Screen protection) for saved Wi-Fi Password and also enables Speed and Latency testing. Yes, you do have to purchase Wi-Fi Widget Pro in order to be able to test your iPhone and iPad Internet speed.
Tip: The Wi-Fi widget’s default setting is not to protect Wi-Fi Passwords. Open the app’s home screen and tap on the red Password Unprotected label to enable privacy mode.

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