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face id and passcode not showing in settings

Face ID And Passcode Missing In Settings? Not Showing Up?

Is Face ID and Passcode missing from iPhone Settings? Trying to edit how Face ID authentication works on your device but you’re unable to find the Face ID & Passcode below Siri & Search and above Emergency SOS?…

confirm iphone passcode ios 16 notification

Confirm iPhone Passcode To Continue Using iCloud In iOS 16?

Confirm iPhone Passcode keeps popping up on iPhone or iPad after iOS 16 update? You’re asked to confirm your Passcode to continue using iCloud, over and over again? You’re not alone!…

Lock Photos with Face ID

How To Lock Photos On iPhone With Face ID In iOS 16

You can finally lock photos on iPhone with Face ID! Starting with iOS 16, the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums of the stock Photos app are automatically protected by biometrics or Passcode….

Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone not working

Unlock Apple Watch With iPhone Not Working In iOS 14.7?

Is Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone not working since you updated your iPhone to iOS 14.7? You’re not the only one. This new iOS 14 bug that has managed to pass under the radar during the iOS 14.7 beta testing stages and affects mainly iPhones with Touch ID….

Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch

How To Fix Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working

Is Unlock with Apple Watch not working on your iPhone? Is the setting greyed out, inactive or not showing up at all? Here is what you have to do to allow your watchOS device to unlock your iPhone when Face ID fails to recognize your face, because you’re wearing a mask!…