iPhone 8 Render With Minimal Side-Bezels And On Screen Touch ID

iphone 8 render based on SE base

iPhone 8 render based on the SE model. Source: Vid.me

Time for yet another render that speculates the upcoming iPhone 8 flagship release. Because it’s the 10th iPhone generation most rumors indicate that Apple will fully revamp the iPhone, even if S-versions are due this year. However, considering that the actual iPhone 7 design hasn’t changed since the iPhone 6 release, it would be about time for the Cupertino-based company to innovate big time.

Apple’s recent actions and rumors confirm that the new iPhones will be surly equipped with OLED displays, a change that allows designer to significantly reduce or completely eliminate bezels. Wireless charging is also a must have for the next Apple smartphone, considering that the competition already provides this feature since 2 years. Last but not least, the Touch ID location is a heavily disputed subject between leakers. Ideally Apple aims to embed it within the display. However, technical limitations could force designers to move it on the side, within an enlarged Power button, or in the worst case scenario on the backside of the phone.

The render provided in the short animation provided nearby assumes that Apple will surprise us and manage to embed the Touch ID in the desired location, within the iPhone’s display. However graphics animator, Jovan Petrovic anticipates that the iPhone 2017 will maintain small top and bottom bezels, while the side ones will be minimal. This concept is based on the iPhone SE size factor, anticipating that the display real estate will increase from 4.0 – inches, because of bezel reduction, but the total screen size will remain the same as the iPhone 5, 5S and SE devices.

Fact: Other more bold renders that, anticipate the 2017 iPhone built on the iPhone 7 size case, with bezel-free display. We shared them here. What do you think? Comment down below!