Turn Off Spotify Background App Refresh Feature To Significantly Save iPhone Battery

spotify iphone battery usage stats

Spotify iPhone battery usage stats.

Prolonging the iPhone’s battery uptime is still a goal for most of us. With the huge amount of hours spent on the smartphone nowadays, battery lasting time is still a top priority. The easiest way to increase the iPhone’s durability in terms of power is by analyzing the main consumers. This info is available within the Settings app, in the Battery section. Check out the Battery Usage list and identify which apps have the biggest impact on battery depletion.

If you’re a Spotify user you’ll surly notice that the popular music app is consuming a lot of your iPhone’s battery juice, especially because of its Background Activity. When you’re streaming music via Spotify the app always makes sure that there is enough playback buffer in case you suddenly run out of cellular or Wi-Fi Internet connectivity. This means that it streams tracks in anticipation to be able to provide the same quality service if the iPhone goes offline for a couple of minutes. All this background activity is taking its toll on the battery.

How To Disable Spotify Background App Refresh
Spotify background app refresh setting So, if you’re ready to sacrifice this privilege and assume the risks of running out of songs when the iPhone gets disconnected from the Internet, you will able to significantly increase your iOS device’s battery uptime.
1. Open the Settings app and tap on General.
2. Next, select the Background App Refresh submenu.
3. You can disable this feature for all apps or just for Spotify.
4. Scroll for Spotify in the list of apps that are using this option and tap the knob next to its label to disable it.

Fact: You can proceed the same way with other apps that show high percentages in the Battery Usage table!

Tip: You can also set your iPhone to perform background app refreshes only when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. An iPhone uses less battery juice when connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, compared to the Cellular Data connectivity.

Info: Apple Music is Spotify’s main rival when it comes to music streaming on iPhone and iPad. Check out our head to head comparison of the two iOS apps and see which one suits you best.