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Spotify music streaming on Apple Watch

How To Stream Music On Apple Watch With Spotify (Without iPhone)

You can finally stream music on Apple Watch with Spotify without needing your iPhone around. This change has been awaited ever since Spotify for watchOS was first released, back in 2018. After an initial testing phase, standalone music streaming via Spotify on Apple Watch is now rolling out for worldwide users….

Spotify widget for Home Screen in iOS 14

How To Get Spotify Widget On Home Screen In iOS 14

Home Screen widgets are certainly one of the most spectacular new features in iOS 14. Both stock and third-party apps are able to provide glances that can be added to the iPhone Home Screen. There are many applications that have been updated with widgets, as soon as iOS 14 has been released. Spotify, wasn’t one…

Spotify Top Podcasts & Trending Podcasts charts on iPhone

How To Browse Spotify Top Podcasts & Trending Podcasts On Mobile

Spotify has recently introduced two new charts for its Podcasts section. They’re called ‘Top Podcasts’ and ‘Trending Podcasts’ and include a collection of shows that have the most listeners in a certain region or country. The popular music streaming service already has this feature available for its web interface for some time now. Thanks to…

How to use Spotify Group Session feature on iPhone and Android

How To Use The New Spotify Group Session Feature

Spotify has just added a new feature to its App Store app for iPhone and iPad (and Android too). It’s called “Group Session” and is surly welcomed by people that spend a lot of time under the same roof. The update allows two or more users, from the same location, to share the control of…

asking siri to play song on spotify

How To Control Spotify Music Playback With Siri In iOS 13

Spotify has recently updated its app with Siri support. Thanks to iOS 13 and this latest update you can now use your iPhone’s virtual assistant to control music playback on your device. This feature is also available for iPads running iPadOS 13. All that you have to do is make sure that your Apple device…