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Tag: Refresh

ios 11 background app refresh options

iOS 11 Brings New Background App Refresh Option

The 11th iOS generation is packed with changes and new features. After reviewing the most important ones like revamped Control Center, redesigned App Store app, unified Notifications, Screen Recording and many others it’s time to also look at the smaller changes, that are very important too. One of them is the addition of a new…

spotify iphone battery usage stats

Turn Off Spotify Background App Refresh Feature To Significantly Save iPhone Battery

Prolonging the iPhone’s battery uptime is still a goal for most of us. With the huge amount of hours spent on the smartphone nowadays, battery lasting time is still a top priority. The easiest way to increase the iPhone’s durability in terms of power is by analyzing the main consumers. This info is available within…

close apps on apple watch

Close Apple Watch Apps & Restrict Background Updates To Save Battery

Whenever you exit an app on your Apple Watch, the software won’t shutdown completely. It remains active in the background. Sometimes you need the application idle, because you can resume using it from the last screen you worked with. However, other apps will burn battery juice while remaining active in the background, without bringing too…

background app refresh setup

Restrict Background App Refresh To Save iPhone Battery

Battery lifetime has always been an important concern for iPhone users. Even if the iPhone 6 is a sensible improver, most of us still feel the need to carefully nurture our power drainage, in order to prolong the usage time of our device. It seems that the goal of the average iPhone user is to…