Weather Not Updating on iPhone in iOS 16? Two Dashes? (Fix!)

Weather not updating ios 16

Weather not updating iOS 16

Weather not updating, refreshing with a big delay after iOS 16 update? Seeing two dashes instead of the actual temperature when you open the app? It takes 10 to 15 seconds until the forecast is updated on your iPhone? Does this happen in 16.1 and 16.1.1 too?

Weather Not Updating iOS 16 Bug

weather taking forever to update
This issue has been reported by Isa (iPhone 13 Pro):

“Weather app refreshes with a huge delay. i have to wait more than 10 seconds for the forecast to be updated. else i’m just getting outdated info. any tips to fix?”

We could replicate the issue, the lag being only around 5 seconds in our case. However, we’ve found numerous similar complaints on Reddit:

“When I open the weather app it’s now a good 15-20 seconds before it updates.”

How To Fix Weather Not Updating On iPhone

This looks like a widespread bug, that should be addressed by Apple in the near future in an upcoming software update. However, until then you can apply the following workarounds:

1. Force Quit Weather

A temporary fix requires you to terminate the app and re-open it:

  • Swipe-up and pause for the App Switcher.
  • Swipe the Weather app card up the screen to dismiss it.
  • Open Weather again from Home Screen. Does it help?

2. Reinstall Weather

If the problem persists, you should delete Weather and reinstall:

  • This is easily done in Settings.
  • Go for General -> iPhone Storage -> Weather -> Offload App -> Reinstall App.
  • Open Weather again. Does the forecast update normally or the lag is still present?

3. Always Allow Location Access

Weather might be slow in iOS 16 if Location Services permission is set to ‘While Using the App or Widgets’. This will delay the forecast for the My Location option, because GPS access is only provided when you open the app.

Weather update lag might be fixed if you switch to permanent location access:

  • Open Settings and scroll for Privacy & Security.
  • Tap on Location Services and scroll for Weather.
  • Select Always or Never. This way the app won’t inquire for GPS coordinates before showing the forecast.

Have you managed to fix Weather app not updating on iPhone in iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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