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unable to share AirTag ios 17 error

Unable To Share AirTag iOS 17 Issue? Not Eligible? Fix?

Unable to share AirTag on iPhone? Selected contact mail or number is not eligible for sharing? Both devices are updated to iOS 17 but Share This AirTag option won’t work? You’re not the only one!…

airtag firmware 2.0.36 update

AirTag Firmware 2.0.36 (2A36) Update: Features, Issues?

Apple has released AirTag firmware 2.0.36 (2A36) for 25% of devices! The full rollout is scheduled for Friday, December 16! This update comes to replaced version 2.0.24 (2A24E) which was pulled in November, after it was released to 25% of devices!…

airtag 2a24e firmware

AirTag 2A24e Firmware Update: Release Notes, How To & More

Apple has released 2.0.24 firmware update for AirTags with build number 2A24e. We couldn’t find any release notes available. New features, bugs fixed as well as new problems have to be discovered through testing and reporting….

AirTag safety alert

How To Handle AirTag Safety Alert Warning On iPhone

You’ve received an AirTag Safety alert on iPhone and are not sure what to do about it? The warning informs you that “your location can be seen by the owner of this AirTag”? It means that an AirTag has been detected around you and if its not familiar you should find and disable it!…

Cannot set up this AirTag

How To Fix Cannot Set Up This AirTag Error On iPhone

Are you getting the Cannot Set Up This AirTag error when trying to connect an AirTag to iPhone in iOS 15? You click OK and try again but the same thing happens?…