WhatsApp Group Calling Just Got Easier Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

How to quickly start a WhatsApp group video call

How to quickly start a WhatsApp group video call.

VOiP calling apps have experienced a dramatic increase of usage since the Coronavirus outbreak. One after the others countries have started to promote social distancing and have applied drastic lockdowns to be able to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting friends and family is now only available online for about one third of the planet.

Cross-platform social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Zoom are extremely busy. So is Apple’s FaceTime service, but the downside of the native iOS app is that it only allows you to connect with other Apple product owners (iPhone, iPad and Mac). Each of the above mentioned apps is trying to increase its user base. Zoom has attracted numerous business, that offer the work from home option to their employees. Skype tries to catch-up by marketing a similar video conference call option, that works without software download and the creation of an account.

How To Quickly Start A WhatsApp Group Call
how to start a group video call on WhatsApp for iOS WhatsApp’s group calling feature isn’t that attractive because it can only support a maximum of 4 participants.
Update: WhatsApp now supports group video calling with up to 8 contacts!
More, many complain that the call quality is nowhere near the high standards offered by FaceTime or Skype. However, the Facebook-owned app tries to attract new users by offering a quicker way of starting a group call.
Tip: Update WhatsApp to the most recent version and you will be able to group call, video or audio, without having to select each participant. Simply tap the video camera or phone icon, available in the top-right corner of the group chat screen and the call is instantly initiated.
Fact: This quick call shortcut works only if the group has a maximum of four participants, because of WhatsApp group calling limit. When the group is larger the app requires you to cherry-pick up to four contacts!

Which app are you using to video call your loved ones? From your experience, which service provides the best video quality? Let us know in the comment section available below!

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