WhatsApp Not Working, Not Sending Messages Issue (Fixed !)

WhatsApp not working

WhatsApp not working

Is WhatsApp not working today on iPhone, or any other smartphone or web browser? Is the app not sending messages? Getting stuck with the Connecting… status, when you attempt to browse a conversation? This is a worldwide downtime that’s affecting all Facebook-owned apps including Instagram and Messenger!

Update (October 25): Whatsapp is down again! We’re dealing with a global downtime. Issue is covered here.

WhatsApp Not Working Today

whatsapp not working today
The never stopping spinning wheel is signaling that there is a communication problem between the WhatsApp app on your device and Facebook’s servers. There is no data exchange between the two clients, thus messages can’t be sent or received.

Fact: WhatsApp calls are also not available!

Update: After almost 7 hours of downtime WhatsApp and the other Facebook apps seem to return back online! Can you confirm this at your end too? Use the comments section please!

This issue has been officially confirmed on Twitter:

Can You Fix WhatsApp Not Working?

whatsapp not sending messages
Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do. Patience is your only option. Facebook has to restart or repair its server infrastructure and bring it back up online.

Fact: Force quitting WhatsApp, rebooting iPhone or offloading and re-installing the app won’t help.

WhatsApp Downtime Status

Have you managed to reconnect to WhatsApp? Are you receiving texts and are also able to send them? Use the comments section and let us know. Also mention the device you’re using and your country.

We’re trying to see how widespread this issue is and if it start coming back for everyone in the same time, or Facebook will bring back its servers online region by region!

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