Facebook Messenger Down, Not Loading, Not Sending (Fixed !)

Facebook Messenger down

Facebook Messenger down

Is Facebook Messenger down on iPhone or any other smartphone? Are messages not sending, not delivering and the FB Messenger app is stuck in the Connecting… status? The always spinning wheel is displayed? The cross-messaging platform is experiencing a serious worldwide downtime!

Facebook Messenger Down – October 4

Worldwide users are experiencing a problem with Facebook’s instant messaging app.
Facebook Messenger not sending messages
The issue started a couple of hours ago with messages not being able to be sent or delivered. Now, users aren’t even able to load the FB Messenger home screen or browse through conversations.

Update 1: The Facebook app isn’t working either!

Update 2: After almost 7 hours of downtime FB Messenger and the other Facebook apps seem to have returned back online! Can you confirm this at your end too? Use the comments section please!

The problem has been acknowledged by Facebook on Twitter:

Fact: The Facebook Messenger downtime is affecting all users iOS, Android as well as web users!

Update 1: Facebook seems to have some huge issues today. WhatsApp is also experiencing downtimes worldwide! The other highly popular Facebook-owned instant messaging app can’t send or receive messages and VoIP calls!

Update 2: Instagram is also down which makes all three Facebook-owned social media apps unavailable at the moment!

Facebook Down Worldwide

Facebook down in Safari
This issue is also occurring for the Facebook web browser interface. An attempt to load the Facebook homepage in Safari returns:

“Safari Can’t Find The Server
Safari can’t open the page https://www.facebook.com because Safari can’t find the server www.facebook.com”

Are you also affected by these Facebook issues? Has FB Messenger recovered at your end? What about WhatsApp or Instagram? Please use the comments section and share your updates. Also mention your location and smartphone model!

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