Yobu Brings Android-Like Dialing To iPhone

yobu android like iphone dialer

Yobu – The Android-Like iPhone Dialer!

If you ever used an Android based smartphone, you surly must have noticed that iOS misses those rapid and smart dialing features available on its rival devices. It still puzzles me how Apple hasn’t embedded these functions yet, to it’s built-in Keypad module!

I’m talking about the fast search option that scans your contacts when typing the first numbers of a phone number, or skims through names using the T9 predictive text technology.

However, I come with good news as I recently discovered an app that brings the rapid dialing functions, found on an Android device, to your iOS gadget. The piece of software in question is called Yobu! It’s downloadable free of charge on the App Store.

yobu iphone widget setupYobu Widget Setup
After installing Yobu on your iPhone, you have to make it reachable by enabling its widget from the Notification Center menu.
Now you can use the Edit function and add the Yobu widget at the top of your Notifications screen.
This brings you one swipe away from accessing it, whenever you need to dial. Do note that, if Notification Center is available on lock screen, dialing will be allowed even with iPhone locked.

Yobu – The Fastest iPhone Dialer
yobu the fastest iphone dialerWhen Yobu is installed on your iPhone, it practically becomes the most rapid way to dial a contact, because you are a single swipe down away from the dialing keypad.
Open the Notification Center and you have the following important features:
– Input a new phone number to save a new contact;
– Search for an existing contact by:
1. Using the T9 predictive text system
2. Going for the smart dialing feature.

How To Create New Contacts with Yobu

adding new ios contact via yobu iphone new contact screen

To add a new number to your iOS phone book, simply dial it and press the “+” (plus) icon, available next to the input screen. Yobu will automatically redirect you to the iOS Create New Contact screen. Just add the name and and tap Done, to finish the process.

iPhone Smart Dialing With Yobu
iphone smart dialing with yobu T9 predictive text technology provides rapid contact selection. Input the first letter of the contact’s name, using the Yobu keypad, and the app will automatically scan all your iOS contacts and display those that match the current selection. The more letters you type the narrower the search results will be. Depending on how stuffed your phone book is and how many similar names you have, a contact can be isolated after providing the first two or three letters. Next, tap the chosen entry and a call will be initiated.
The same works if you know the first numbers of a phone number string. Enter the first few numbers and Yobu will display the contact and the complete number.

Spotlight Search vs Yobu Dialer
spotlight search for contactYes, I know that iOS comes with the spotlight search feature, which allows T9 and smart search filtering, however you can’t add a contact via spotlight, or rapidly check a phone number from within the results.
Yobu has the advantage that it’s as accessible as spotlight. In fact, it’s even more handy because it can be also opened from lock screen. More it searches only among contacts and doesn’t display a list of other results like: apps, music, videos, notes, events, messages, mail and so on.
If I convinced you that Yobu is a must have, you can grab this iPhone dialer now!