3 Ways To Dial FaceTime Audio Calls From Apple Watch

watchos 2 facetime audio call option

WatchOS 2 FaceTime Audio call option.

A new feature of watchOS 2 is that it allows Apple Watch users to initiate FaceTime audio calls from their wrists. In the previous version the wrist-worn device owners where only able to dial regular cellular phone calls, via the signal borrowed from the paired iPhone. However, now the Watch is connected to the same Apple ID used on the iOS companion and has access to the FaceTime calling service.

iMessages are available too but they where also offered with the primary watchOS generation. Only audio FaceTime conversations are currently possible from the Apple Watch, that’s because the wearable isn’t equipped with a camera, yet! Answering to a FaceTime call is a piece of cake because, it’s identical to picking up a regular call. The only difference comes when you plan to initiate a VoIP call via Apple’s revolutionary service.

How To Dial FaceTime Audio Calls
dialing facetime call on apple watch 1. Via Friends’
Starting a voice over IP call from the Apple Watch is easy and doable within three steps:
Step 1: Press the Side button to open the Friends carousel.
Step 2: Turn the Digital Crown to select the desired contact. Do mind, that watchOS 2 provides the option of creating multiple Friend’s pages, so you can also slide to the next screens to reach the desired contact.
Step 3: Tap on on the friend’s photo or initials after you select it with the Digital Crown.
Step 4: Press the Call button available in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
Step 5: Select FaceTime Audio and wait until the call connects.

apple watch facetime call via siri 2. Ask Siri
Flick your wrist -> Speak out “Hey Siri, FaceTime call my wife [contact]!” and the conversation will be instantly initiated!
Fact: You can teach Siri relationships with the help of the paired iPhone and your Apple Watch will be aware of them!

3. From Messages
When reading a conversation thread you can Force Touch the Watch’s screen and select Details from the three available options. Next, tap on the Call button available in the bottom-left corner of the screen, select FaceTime Audio and be ready to speak.