5 Tips To Benefit The Most From The Pokemon GO Halloween Event

pokemon go halloween theme

Pokemon GO Halloween Theme.

Yep, we have finally something good to talk about when it comes to the popular Pokmeon GO augmented reality game. After a series of updates that failed to impress, because they didn’t come with much awaited features like Apple Watch support, Pokemon marketplace or live battle scenarios, Niantic has finally come up with something that can revive the interest of Trainers, which might have stopped playing the game because of its predictability and routine.

The Pokemon GO Halloween event aims to bring back the game to the astonishing popularity quotes that it achieved this summer. It’s an in-game adventure that celebrates Halloween and brings a series of bonuses and extra rewards for Trainers that hunt during the event. It starts on October 26 and ends on November 1. During this time frame players also have the opportunity of catching rare Pokemon. Obviously the spooky ones like: Haunter, Zubat, Golbat, Gastly, Gengar, Hypno and Drowzee are more likely to spawn near to your surroundings.

Pokemon GO Halloween Event Incentives
The event promotes the collection of candies, thus helping you to gather higher amounts quicker and be able to evolve Pokemon to strengthen up your squad. Here is the reward scheme:
Halloween Pokemon Transfer reward – Every creature that you catch during the Halloween even will bring you the double amount of candies as reward.
Trading a Pokemon to Professor Willow also brings two candies instead of one, allowing you to reach a total of 8 candies if you catch and trade a monster.
– Any egg hatching that occurs during October 26 and November 1 will also double the amount of candies that you usually receive.
– Your Buddy Pokemon quadruples its efficiency when it comes to candy reward. This means that 1km Buddies bring up a candy every 0.25km, a 3km companion every 0.75km and a 5km partner earns you a candy each 1.25 km.

Pokemon GO Halloween Event Tips
Now that you know how this temporary in-game adventure rewards your actions, here are a few tips that will help you maximize your success during the Halloween week:
swap buddy pokemon screen 1. Swap Your Buddy
Check your roster and plan ahead what Pokemon you would like to evolve. Rare creatures are harder to grow because reaching the required amount of candies is difficult. If you don’t hunt you can’t trade and thus two of the main candy sources are inefficient. The Pokemon Go buddy feature, introduced along the 1.7.0 update, allows you to earn candies from walking. However, you have can select a single species as Buddy, at a time. Considering that the Halloween event quadruples this feature’s efficiency, I suggest you to carefully plan your next evolution steps and start walking.

1 km buddy with halloween bonus

1 km Buddy with Halloween bonus.

3 km pokemon with halloween reward

3 km Pokemon with Halloween reward.

5 pokemon buddy with halloween incentive

5 Pokemon buddy with Halloween incentive.

incubating multiple pokemon eggs in the same time 2. Fill Up Incubators
If you’re following the first tip, make sure that you also use all available Incubators, because walking also leads to egg hatching, which translates in an additional Pokemon source for your squad. When an egg hatches candies are awarded too. Consider that you can also trade the new born creature for additional candies too. Plus, the more you walk, the more PokeStops you can check and find additional Incubators. Of course, that if you’re willing to spend, you can also purchase them from the
Trick: Use these egg hatching tricks to maximize the distance that you cover during Halloween week and increase both Buddy and Incubator mileage.

pokestops with active lure modules 3. Lure & Hunt
As mentioned above, catching and transferring a Pokemon brings a total of up to 8 candies for the species, during the Halloween trick or treat feast. This allows you to Evolve and Power Up your strongest monsters. So, I recommend you to alternate walking with catching.
When you finish your round choose a popular park or any other landmark that is surrounded by PokeStops and plant lure modules to considerably increase your catch rate.

transfer pokemon button 4. Transfer Pokemon
A standard Bag can accommodate up to 250 monsters. In the evening, when you return home start trading your creatures to Professor Willow for those extra candies and to make room for tomorrow’s hunting day. Trade all Pokemon from your roster that are at least duplicate. Obviously, you have to trade the low CP Pokemon and keep the highest ones for future strengthening.
Trick: To easily figure out what creatures to transfer, list your squad with the help of the A-Z filter. This will arrange Pokemon in alphabetical order, showing identical species next to each other, in a descending order according to the Combat Power rating.

iphone with low battery while playing pokemon go 5. Power On
No matter, what strategies to opt, at the end it all comes down to battery juice. Pokemon GO isn’t a game that will act gently with your iPhone battery. Continuous GPS connectivity, Mobile Data usage as well as huge lit screen times will drain your power levels quickly. I’ve put up a list with iPhone power saving tips while playing Pokemon GO. However, if you plan to get out the most of this Halloween event you might need a Power Bank to charge your device on the go.