8 Tips To Prevent iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Water Damage

water damaged iphone 7 plus

Water damaged iPhone 7 Plus.

Although Apple advertised the iPhone 7 as being dust and water resistant, it’s impermeability is limited and you can easily end up with a water damaged device, in case you don’t follow some basic operation rules. The tips listed in this article are here to underline the vulnerabilities and also to raise your awareness about the imminent risks of water exposure. Perhaps the most important thing that you have take in account is that the Cupertino-based tech giant doesn’t offer warranty in case of liquid damage! Don’t expect to get a free replacement unit in case you let water in your iPhone’s circuits.

A while ago, we’ve explained you the difference between the water resistant vs waterproof labels. But perhaps the most important quote from Apple’s website is the one that reads “Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions, and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.” This means that as your iPhone ages the more vulnerable it becomes to water. Not to mention that if you drop it once you might compromise is water shielding and the IP67 rating vanishes in a moment.

How To Protect Your iPhone 7 & 7 Plus From Water Damage
With this being said, I’m sure that are eager to read a few tips that will spare you from trying to repair a water damaged iOS device.
accidental iPhone 7 water contact 1. No Intentional Water Submersion
Although the IP67 rating indicates that the iPhone 7 has to resist submerged up to 1 meter under water for 30 minutes, it’s not recommended to intentionally submerse your iOS device in water. Apple advertises its flagships as being water resistant for occasional water contacts. In the keynote they presented an individual accidentally falling in a swimming pool. However, due to the fact that your iPhone 7 can get bruised by daily usage, without you even knowing it, cracks in the waterproof shield could form and thus let liquid in even though you’re within the IP67 boundaries.

iphone 7 submerged in water 2. No Swimming Or Bathing
Considering the above restriction it’s common sense to assume that swimming or bathing is out of the question when it comes to the iPhone 7 and any older iPhone model. These are situations when the iOS device isn’t just exposed to water but H20 might be forced into the casing by swimming movements or any splashing actions that you might perform when playing with your friends in the pool.
Fact: If you aim to track your swimming sessions pair a waterproof Apple Watch Series 2 to your iPhone and consult your progress when finished, or while you swim, directly from your wrist.

3. Avoid Soap, Acids & Any Other Liquids
These restrictions are obviously in place for all other types of liquids and not just water. However, I want to emphasize that you should strongly avoid bringing your iPhone in contact with soap, detergents and any other acid liquids like lemon juice and anything similar. Even salt water and pool water is dangerous for the current iPhone water resistance level. Exposure to salt and chlorine can damage the casing and alter the looks and feel of your iOS device.
Fact: Do clean your smartphone as soon as it comes in contact with one of the above described liquids. Use a lint-free cloth, such as a lens wiping hanky.

iPhone SE in shower4. No Showering Or Water Sports
Yep, sadly even showers are prohibited. That’s because of a physics value called water pressure. The IP67 rating clear the iPhone 7 up to 1 meter water submersion, that’s the equivalent of being exposed to a 16psi water pressure. In most cases water pouring out from a shower head can match or even surpass that level, thus increasing the risk of liquid damage. The same happens during water sports like jet skiing, surfing, water skiing, wake boarding and so on.
Fact: If your iPhone rings and you’re under the shower you can pick up if you avoid bringing your phone under the direct jet of the water. However, avoid bringing your device in contact with soap or other cleaning substances as stated above.

5. No Sauna or Steam Room
Avoid grabbing your iPhone with you while visiting the SPA. The sauna and steam room facilities are prohibited because of the extreme heat and very high humidity. The sauna can heat up your iOS device to unsafe temperature values and permanently alter the functionality of certain components such as battery, while very high humidity can lead to moisture build up in the iPhone’s internals, increasing the risk of liquid damage.

ios 8 freezing temperature warning bug 6. Temperature & Humidity Control
It’s not only saunas and steam rooms that have to be avoided, but also any other environment that brings your iPhone out of its comfort zone when it comes to temperature and humidity values. Your smartphone is cleared to function normally in temperatures ranging between 32° – 95° Fahrenheit (0° and 35° Celsius). When you expose your device to cold or hot environments, iOS is clever enough to issue a temperature warning.
Fact: iPhones can be stored in a broader spectrum measuring -4° – 113° F, (-20° to 45° C). If you expose your smartphone to values below or above these limits you risk to compromise the water resistance as well as other physical components.

7. No iPhone Disassembling
If you or any other unauthorized individual tampers with the iPhone and tries to disassemble it there is a huge risk of compromising your device’s water resistance. It’s prohibited to remove screws or perform any other servicing tasks. Bring your iPhone 7 to the Apple Genius Bar whenever you need assistance!

iphone waterproof bag 8. Use A Case
Readers have reported to us water incidents that involved iPhone 7 devices and the units that were equipped with a silicone case survived water submersion compared to others that went in contact with H2O naked. So, you don’t necessarily need an expensive case to add to the protection.
Fact: If it’s mandatory to take your iPhone with you while in prolonged contact with water make sure that you grab a waterproof case, to increase the water resistance level to iP68.

AppleCare+ Logo AppleCare+ “Protects” Your iPhone From Liquid Damage
As mentioned above, if your iPhone 7 or any other iteration is flooded, Apple won’t cover liquid damage under warranty. However, you have to possibility to add AppleCare+ to your purchase and ensure your iOS device. The only downside is that the policy costs $129 plus an additional $99 service fee if the damage is extensive. You can sign up for AppleCare+, not later then 60 days after you purchase your iPhone 7.
Fact: This warranty extension covers your iPhone for two years from the day of purchase and allows you two incidents or accidental destruction replacements. It doesn’t cover only water damage but any type of harm that happens to your smartphone.