AirPods 3 Low Sound, Although Volume Is High? (Fix!)

AirPods 3 low sound

AirPods 3 low sound

Are you experiencing AirPods 3 low sound issues, although the Volume is high? The wireless earbuds are too quiet? You can barely hear music playback or audio during calls? Here is what you can do to fix it!

AirPods 3 Low Sound Issue

This problem has been reported by Magnus:

“They suddenly sound low although volume is up! Any idea what I could do to fix?”

We’ve also found similar complaints on Reddit here and here:

How To Fix AirPods Low Volume

This issue can occur with other models too including the AirPods 2 and the AirPods Pro (1 and 2). Here is what you can do to fix it.

1. Restart AirPods

First, bring back the earbuds in their case, wait for at least 10 seconds and get them out again.

This will cause a soft restart. Test them out again. Do they sound normal?

2. Reset AirPods

In the next step you have to unpair AirPods from your device and re-connect, in an attempt to clear any potential software issue that might prevent them from outputting sound at normal levels.

How to: For a detailed step-by-step guide for resetting AirPods please read here.

3. Clean AirPods

airpods cleaning kit
You’ll be surprised, but in most cases AirPods low volume issues are caused by earwax. Slow but steady accumulations over the speaker mesh can block the sound up to the point when the earbuds become too quiet.

Fact: The most efficient way to clean AirPods is with the help of a superfine brush or pen. You can find several AirPod cleaning kits on Amazon. We recommend this one from Supfine that comes with several accessories including: high-density brush,a flocking sponge cleaner pen, 2 spiral cleaning brushes, 1 dust cleaning bulb blower and more.

Tip: For more details about how to clean your Airpods you can also check Apple’s support document.

More: Several users reported that they managed to fix AirPods low volume by sucking lint (earwax) from the speakers. You should try this too. You can avoid using your mouth with the help of the bulb blower showcased above!

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One AirPod No Sound?

If one AirPod is not working at all, not outputting any sound when connected to a Mac, you might be able to fix it by adjusting the balance as shown here.

Have you managed to fix AirPods 3 low sound problems? Do you have a better solution or other issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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