One AirPod Not Working (No Sound) When Connected To Mac

one AirPod no sound on Mac

One AirPod no sound on Mac

Is one AirPod not working when connected to Mac? There’s no sound, or almost no sound, in the left or right AirPod when the Bluetooth earbuds are connected to MacBook? You might be dealing with a macOS Monterey glitch!

One AirPod Not Working With Mac

This issue has been signaled to us by Rita:

“Only one AirPod has sound when I connect my AirPods Pro to MacBook! Started after Monterey update! Pls help!”

We’ve also encountered it when trying to listen to music airdropped from a MacBook Air to a pair of AirPods Pro.

Time to relax, this isn’t a hardware issue, especially if audio plays normally from other devices like iPhone, iPad or Apple TV!

How To Fix One AirPod No Sound

If you’re encountering similar issues you’re most likely dealing with a macOS Monterey audio balance bug:

how to adjust airpods audio balance on mac

  • Connect AirPods to Mac and open System Preferences.
  • Click on Sound.
  • In the Output section, select AirPods from the list of available devices for sound output.
  • Check the Balance settings. If the cursor is to the left or right side, one AirPod is muted or won’t sound as loud as the other. Center the Balance cursor.

Video: How To Fix AirPod Not Working

Watch a demo of this macOS Monterey fix:

Extra Tip For AirPod Not Working

Some users complain that the audio balance resets itself every time the AirPods connect to Mac. If this is the case for you too, use the alt (option) Key + F12 combo!

It’s a keyboard shortcut that brings up the macOS Sound settings allowing you to quickly tweak the balance!

Credits: Thanks Nils for sharing this tip in the comments.

Does this do the trick for you? Have you managed to fix one AirPod not working? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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