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How to customize quick responses of the respond with text iPhone feature

How To Configure The iPhone’s Respond With Text Feature For Declining Incoming Calls

It often happens that an incoming call pops-up in an unwanted moment and there is no way you can pick it up. You might be already aware that iOS comes with three quick response options that allow you to politely decline the conversation and let the caller know why you refused to engage. There is…

answer or decline apple watch call

Answer Or Decline Phone Calls On Apple Watch

The most fascinating feature introduced by Apple’s revolutionary smartwatch is, without a doubt, the ability to take and initiate calls on your wrist. Over a decade ago this seemed possible only within science fiction movies, but the Cupertino-based company has made it a reality in 2015. With your Apple Watch paired to your iPhone, you…

incoming call menu

10 Ways to Reject a Call on Your iPhone

With time being so precious nowadays we find ourselves, often, in the situation that forces us to decline an incoming call. Your iPhone provides different methods of rejecting a call, from gentle ones that are accompanied by a message informing the caller why you are unavailable to pick-up the phone, to the more brutal ones…