Apple Adds 3 New Colors For iPhone 11 Silicone Cases And 4 New Apple Watch Sport Bands (2020 Summer Edition)

Vitamin C and Linen Blue iPhone 11 Silicone cases

Vitamin C and Linen Blue iPhone 11 Silicone cases.

Apple bumps its iPhone 11 accessories lineup with three more colors for the Silicone Cases. We’re talking about fresh summer colors labeled as Vitamin C, Linen Blue and Seafoam, which are best described as orange, dark blue and light green shades. They’re available for all three models of the 2019 iPhone release, the 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The cases can be purchased from the Apple’s online store and retail for $39. Direct links available at the end of this article.

Alongside the three Silicone iPhone Case shades the Cupertino-tech giant has also released new Apple Watch Bands in four new summer colors. We find the same three shades described above and the fourth one named Coastal Gray, which actually is a dark gray shade as seen in the images available in the content of this post. The Apple Watch bands retail for a consistent $49 price tag and can be also ordered online. They’re available for the 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch sizes and also fit the older 42mm and 38mm models.

new iPhone 11 Pro Silicon iPhone cases How To Buy The New iPhone 11 Silicone Cases
Below you have direct purchase links for the new Silicone cases. There is no price difference between the three iPhone models. All versions retail for $39.

How To Buy The New Apple Watch Sport Bands
New Apple Watch Sport Bands Coastal Gray, Seafoam, Linen Blue and Vitamin C Direct link for Apple online store is available here.
Tip: The four new colors are the first ones available in the color palette. There are 15 others to choose from including the Pride and the (Product) RED editions.
Fact: The new summer shades come just two weeks before the keynote of WWDC 2020 which will premiere as a digital edition!

Fact: The new iPhone 11 cases and Apple Watch bands will become progressively available in Apple retail stores too.

Do you buy iPhone cases from Apple retail or online stores, or prefer to buy them from third-party online or retail sources? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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