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apple one billing issue

Apple One: Billing Issues, Renewal Problems & Duplicate Charges

Have you been charged multiple times for your Apple One membership? Is your Apple One subscription listed as being expired although you’ve been billed for the renewal? Have you been billed for services individually, although memberships for Apple Music and Apple TV+ are included in your Apple One service bundle?…

Apple One Services Bundles

How To Subscribe To Apple One Services Bundle (Save $25)

Apple One becomes available today, Friday, October 30, in more than 100 countries and regions! Apple’s new service bundle system allows users to opt for a single subscription and get access to up to six services provided by the Cupertino-based tech company….

spotify confirm subscription prompt

How To Discontinue Your App Store Subscriptions On iPhone And iPad

Nowadays, many apps sell subscription based services. You’re asked to either pay monthly or annual rates for additional features. For example, you can subscribe to a music app such as Apple Music, Pandora Premium or Spotify to stream songs from a huge database of tracks. Or, you can opt to read the full content available…

Apple Music vs Spotify

Spotify vs Apple Music – What’s Your Favorite Music Streaming Service?

Listening to music has never been more popular. Thanks to the recent technology leaps and the outspread of Internet, people from all across the globe are able to stream music at any given moment with the help of their smartphone, tablet or any other web-connected device. Turning your iPhone into a state of the art…

disabling apple music auto-renewal

How To Disable Automatic Apple Music Renewals And Cancel Your Subscription

Apple Music has become available to the public, last week, together with the iOS 8.4 update. Many of us have instantly jumped on the bandwagon and kick started the free, 3-month-long trial period, to see if the service lives up to the expectations. However, to be able to use this offer you have to subscribe,…