Apple Music Sing Not Working After iOS 16.2 Update? (Fix!)

apple music sing unavailable

Apple Music Sing unavailable

Apple Music Sing not working on iPhone or iPad? Apple’s new karaoke feature is unavailable even if you play a popular song? The Vocals toggle is missing in the lyrics interface? You’re not alone!

Apple Music Sing Not Working?

apple music sing not working
This shortcoming has been reported by Olive:

“I updated to iOS 16.2 RC but can’t find the Apple Music Sing toggle in the song’s lyrics. Can anyone help?”

We’ve managed to partially replicate this issue and have found similar complaints on Reddit too:

“Same on iPadOS 16. Actually I haven’t been able to play any song with Sing that’s on my library.”

Apple Music Sing Unavailable?

Before, we start troubleshooting please be aware that the Apple Music karaoke feature comes with a fair share of limitations.

The biggest one is that it’s not available on Mac and on Apple TV excepting the brand new 2022 Apple TV 4K.

The feature does support 16 iPhone models (iPhone 11 and newer) and 7 iPad models. All supported devices are listed here.

How To Fix Apple Music Sing Missing

If your device qualifies for this new karaoke feature please and you can’t get the Apple Music Sing icon on the lyrics interface, please proceed as follows:
apple music sing fix

  • 1. Play songs using the Search function.
  • 2. You can search for song, playlist or album.
  • 3. Play the track and tap on the Lyrics icon.
  • 4. The Vocals icon will appear in the right-side of the screen. Touch & hold to adjust the volume.
  • Fact: We’re not sure if this is intended behavior or a day-one bug, but Apple Music Sing isn’t working if you play songs from your Library!

Have you managed to use the Sing feature on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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