iOS 16.1 & iOS 16.1.1 Unsigned By Apple Before 16.2 Release

iOS 16.1.1 unsigned

iOS 16.1.1 unsigned

Apple has unsigned iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.1.1 after the release of iOS 16.2 RC to beta testers. iOS 16.1.2 is currently the only iOS 16 version still signed! 16.2 is expected to be rolled out in the week of December 12 – 16.

iOS 16.1 & 16.1.1 Unsigned

ios 16.1.1 not signed anymore
This change is confirmed on the website, as you can see in the above screenshot.

Fact: iOS 16.1 has remained signed for quite a long time after it stopped being the most recent iOS 16 version available. 16.1 was released with new features and bug fixes on October 24 and became obsolete on November 9, with the rollout of iOS 16.1.1.

iOS 16.1 remained signed until December 7, that’s almost one month after the release of 16.1.1 and one week after the release of 16.1.2 (November 30)

Downgrade iOS 16.1.2 to a lower 16 version isn’t possible anymore!

Conclusion: Such a long signing period can only confirm that the current versions are still packing lots of bugs and Apple provided users a longer option to downgrade.

Encouraging, is the fact that they’ve been unsigned as we approach the iOS 16.2 public release, which means that Apple is confident that it has fixed most issues in the upcoming release!

Downgrade iOS 16.1.2 Still Possible

Nevertheless, iOS 15.6 RC is still signed, which means that you can downgrade every iPhone running an iOS 16 version to it. (excepting the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models)!

Fact: iPads running iPadOS 16.x can be reverted to iPadOS 15.6 RC too. More details are available here.

What iOS version are you currently using? Do you plan to update to iOS 16.2 when it’s released? Share your feedback in the comments.

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