Apple Watch 7 Full Keyboard Not Available In watchOS 8

Apple Watch 7 full keyboard

Apple Watch 7 full keyboard

Is the Apple Watch 7 full keyboard not available on your brand new wrist-worn device? Are you trying to input text via the new stock watchOS 8 qwerty keyboard but it’s not working? Apparently, this Series 7 exclusive feature is currently country restricted!

Apple Watch 7 Full Keyboard Not Available

In these early watchOS 8.0.1 stages the qwerty keyboard is only available for the Series 7 models that have the language set to English.
how to change apple watch language
To change your watch’s language you have to:

  • Open the Watch app on the paired iPhone.
  • Browse for General -> Language & Region.
  • Tap on Custom and set Watch Language to English and Region to United States.

Extra Fix For Apple Watch Full Keyboard Not Showing

adding English as primary to fix apple watch full keyboard
Apparently you also have to add the English keyboard to your AW if the qwerty keyboard is not displaying.
You can do this on the paired iPhone as the watch will mirror the keyboard languages available.

How to: Browse for Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboards. Here you can use Add New Keyboard… to add English if it’s not already available. Next, use Edit to make English as primary keyboard!

Apple Watch Full Keyboard Not Working

If you own an Apple Watch model that’s earlier than the Series 7 don’t even bother to try to use the watchOS 8 qwerty keyboard.

You won’t be able to find it because it requires the 20% larger screen real estate available on the Apple Watch 7!

Tip: However, you can still get a full keyboard on older Apple Watch models, with the help of third-party apps like FlickType (direct App Store link).

Are you able to use the Apple Watch 7 full keyboard? What’s your feedback about it? Use the comments section and share your opinion.

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