watchOS 8.0.1 Bug Fixes And Improvements For Apple Watch

watchOS 8.0.1 update

watchOS 8.0.1 update

Apple has released watchOS 8.0.1 build number 19R354, with bug fixes and improvements for all compatible Apple Watches. This is the first update since the release of watchOS 8, three weeks ago. It’s a minor software update that focuses on Apple Watch Series 3 issues!

watchOS 8.0.1 Download

watchos 8.0.1 download
As usual, this update is available over-the-air in the Watch app on the paired iPhone:

  • In the My Watch tab, browse for General -> Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install, or be patient until watchOS 8.0.1 is automatically downloaded.
  • Tap Install to confirm that you want to update and be patient until the new software is verified and deployed on the wrist-worn device!
  • Tips: Apple Watch has to be attached to the MagSafe charger and nearby the paired iPhone. Both devices have to be connected to Wi-Fi. The installation starts when the watch has at least 50% battery charge.

    Fact: The watchOS 8.0.1 update file is 114 MB large. Size might differ depending on AW model and the watchOS version that you’re updating from.

watchOS 8.0.1 Release Notes

The update log mentions two Apple Watch Series 3 related bug fixes. It also claims ‘improvements for your Apple Watch’, confirming that under-the-hood changes might enhance the watchOS 8 experience.
watchOS 8.0.1 security content
Fact: Apple also mentions that security content for this update is provided on its support website. However, as seen in the screenshot provided above, this update has ‘No published CVE entries’.

watchOS 8.0.1 Bug Fixes

watchOS 8.0.1 bug fixes
Two issues have been patched in this release, including:

  • Software update progress not displaying properly for Apple Watch 3 users.
  • Accessibility settings not available for Apple Watch 3 owners.

Known Issues

Other day-one watchOS 8 problems covered by us are listed below. Can you confirm a fix for any of them?

watchOS 8.0.1 Features

Apple doesn’t mention any new additions in this release, however minor changes might be available. Do let us know if you notice anything new and we will update your findings here.

Have you updated Apple Watch to watchOS 8.0.1? Did you spot any changes not mentioned in this article? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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