Best Way To Capture & Post 360° Panoramic Photos On Facebook Via iPhone

Adding Panorama photo on Facebook.

Adding Panorama photo on Facebook.

You probably noticed the outburst of 360 degree views posted by your friends on Facebook! The popular social media platform can now differentiate between a normal photo and a panoramic image, thus rendering them accordingly. Wide view images allow you to rotate the frame in both directions and witness much more details, when compared with a traditional picture.

They’re really spectacular and you’ll surly want to follow the trends and post panoramic images too. This is really easy to accomplish and if you didn’t figure it out by yourself yet, this article shares with you all tips and tricks for posting the perfect panorama photo on Facebook. There are several ways of adding a 360° capture on the popular social media website and transform your next post in to a Like-magnet.

Capture 360° Photos Using Built-in iPhone Camera App
capturing panorama image with stock iphone camera app 1. Whenever you reach a beautiful landscape or wish to share even the smallest details of your surroundings grab your iPhone and open the Camera app. Swipe all the way right on the Mode bar, until you reach the Pano option.
2. Capture a panoramic view of your surroundings by moving your iPhone continuously in a circle until you perform a full 360° rotation. Try to maintain your iOS device at the same height level. You can accomplish this by following the arrow-guidance provided on the center of the screen.
Tip: The rotation should be really gentle. If you turn too fast a ‘Slow Down’ prompt is displayed on your screen.
3. When you finish, the view is saved and becomes available in your Camera Roll.
Tip: If you don’t want to go all the way you can also choose to stop the panorama before reaching the full 360° rotation by hitting the shutter button once again.

Shoot Panoramic Images With Google Street View
google street view app home screen If you want to bring your 360° view to a higher level you can do it with the help of a third party app, available in the App Store, that’s called Street View. The software is developed by Google and, in my opinion, allows you to capture higher quality videos when compared to the stock Pano mode provided by iOS.
1. Download & Install Google Street View on your iPhone and tap the Open label to access the app.
Fact: The software is free of charge and brings a lot more features, besides panoramic photo shooting. You can use it together with a VR Headset and visit any corner of the world, while sitting on the sofa in your living room!
google street view panorama shooting mode 2. On the app’s home screen tap the Camera icon available in the bottom-right area of the view. A three-option menu slides up. Select Camera and the panoramic shooting begins.
3. After you finish, the capture is automatically saved on your iPhone and available in Photos, in the CameraRoll section.
Tip: A great feature provided by Street View is that it allows you to blur faces if you want to avoid privacy complaints. The blur feature automatically detects faces and fogs them out.

How To Post 360° Views On Facebook
Yes, you have to capture panoramic images before opening the Facebook app on your iPhone. The popular social media platform knows how to render wide view photos, but doesn’t offer (for now) a 360° capture button. There are two ways to post your masterpiece and share it with your online Friends:

share iphone panorama on facebook

Share iPhone Panorama on Facebook.

iOS Facebook share button

iOS Facebook share button.

iphone new facebook post pop up

iPhone new Facebook post pop up.

1. iOS Share Button
While browsing and checking our your pano-photo within Camera Roll, you have the option to hit the Share button, available in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Use the Facebook option and the New Post widget pops up on your screen. Add a description, location, share your state of spirit, tag your friends and hit post to publish your 360 degree view on your Facebook wall!

Facebook app home screen.

Facebook app home screen.

Selecting Panorama photos from Camera Roll

Selecting Panorama photos from Camera Roll.

tweaking panorama view before posting

Tweaking panorama view before posting.

2. Facebook Status Update
If you’re already browsing the Facebook app, on your iPhone, you can hit the Photo button available on your News Feed or Wall view. Browse for the wide view image within Camera Roll and tap to select it. Swipe to select a starting view for your panorama, add a description, Check-in share your Feelings, tag friends if needed and hit post. That’s it!
Tip: You can easily spot panorama pictures in the Camera Roll by looking for the Globe icon that’s displayed in the bottom-right corner of the thumbnail!