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Facebook freezes when clicking pictures

Facebook Freezes On iPhone When Clicking Pictures (iOS 15)

Is Facebook freezing on iPhone or iPad when you click a photo to watch it full size? Does the screen become unresponsive and there’s no way to get out of fullscreen mode without force closing the app?…

Facebook story not posting

Facebook Story Not Uploading, Stuck At Finishing Up (Fix?)

Is your Facebook Story not uploading, stuck at the Finishing Up stage, although your Internet connection works flawless? It seems that FB stories not posting is currently a widespread issue, as the popular social media platform hasn’t fully recovered from yesterday’s massive 7-hour downtime!…

Facebook Messenger down

Facebook Messenger Down, Not Loading, Not Sending (Fixed !)

Is Facebook Messenger down on iPhone or any other smartphone? Are messages not sending, not delivering and the FB Messenger app is stuck in the Connecting… status? The always spinning wheel is displayed? The cross-messaging platform is experiencing a serious worldwide downtime!…

how to fix Facebook local network access problem

How To Allow Facebook Local Network Access And Fix Screencast Not Working

Since the release of iOS 14 a lot of readers are complaining that they can’t screencast videos from the iPhone Facebook app to their Smart TV anymore. This problem is caused by the fact that iOS and iPadOS 14 have introduced a series of new privacy-oriented features. One of them requires apps on your iPhone…

Users sharing messages on Facebook Messengers

Facebook Caps Messenger Forwarding Limit To 5 Users To Limit Fake News

Facebook has recently announced that it has introduced a new messages forwarding limit for its Messenger app. Users are now allowed to forward a message to a maximum number of 5 users or groups at a time….