Use iOS Parental Control To Limit Your Kids’ iPhone Screen Time

FamilyTime iOS app blocker feature

FamilyTime iOS app blocker feature.

According to a report by, 67 percent of teens own an iPhone. Whereas, 74 percent want their next phone to be an iPhone. This shows how popular Apple’s smartphones are. On average, kids reach the age of 8, they start demanding a phone and they are more than eager to receive an iPhone. To start with, many parents give their old phones to them and then eventually they upgrade. Some, on the other hand, directly buy a new one.

Whatever the case may be, when kids get access to iPhones they get access to iTunes, applications, movies, iBooks and much more. Everything that is on the internet comes within their reach. Experts say that the use of smartphones by kids is inevitable in this technically advanced age, but parents should monitor and limit their activity. They should keep a thorough check on what they are up to and react when the little one goes awol.

There are several dangers that kids can face online. Some of them are listed below:
• Adult movies, TV shows and books on iTunes which can be viewed free of charge with not too much hassle.
• Dangerous apps which encourage sexting and addiction.
• Getting in touch with strangers through online dating, chat groups and social media.
• Online harassment.
• Excessive screen time.

Early exposure to sexual explicit content is harmful to the psyche of young children. It teaches wrong values about sex and encourages them to indulge in such activity. Sexting when gone wrong gets very bad. Cyber bullying is its biggest threat. The bullying victims suffer from depression. There are many cases where kids finding no refuge from it embraced suicide. Apart from that, there are many cases of dating violence and kidnapping by people met online, as well. Excessive screen time has adverse effects on mental and physical health.

What should parents do?
It is advised to educate kids about the online dangers. Establish rules and use an iOS parental control to enforce them. Apps like FamilyTime are an easy way to monitor and safeguard kids.

They can use their iPhones and at the same time parents can filter out the harm.

iOS Parental Control Benefits:
Content Filtering
Allow only age-appropriate content to show on their iPhones. This goes for movies, TV shows, Apps, explicit content on iTunes and erotica on iBooks.
Call logs
Keep a track of their calling habits and contacts with full details.
Internet monitoring
See their internet history and frequently visited pages.
Manage apps
• See all installed apps
• Block system apps and other apps from the store
• Disable in-app purchases and downloading
Regulate screen time
• Lock their phones to reduce their screen time
• Temporarily block app usage
• Stay updated about their location
• Create geofences around places like home, school, work, gym etc.
• Receive auto check-ins and checkouts
• Get SOS alerts and pick-me-up alerts

If you have an iPhone lover at home, be sure to protect them online. Get FamilyTime for iOS from iTunes.

It’s ok if your kids love iPhones. After all, they are the most popular and stable smartphones available on the market. Just make sure that you monitor their use and take action against the dangers lurking at every corner of the internet. An iOS parental control app is a must have for all parents of iPhone loving kids!