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How to post on Instagram from computer

How To Post On Instagram From Computer (Mac, PC, Desktop)

You can finally post on Instagram from Mac, PC, laptop or any other desktop computer. This new feature is available thanks to the most recent Instagram update, that now allows users to post pictures from a web browser….

How to post a 3D Photo on Facebook from iPhone

How To Post 3D Photos On Facebook From iPhone

3D Photos is one of the hottest new features when it comes to Facebook posts! The popular social media platform has also enabled this feature for its iOS users. All that you need is a Portrait Mode compatible iPhone, because the Facebook app is able to use images captures with the depth effect and render…

Adding Panorama photo on Facebook.

Best Way To Capture & Post 360° Panoramic Photos On Facebook Via iPhone

You probably noticed the outburst of 360 degree views posted by your friends on Facebook! The popular social media platform can now differentiate between a normal photo and a panoramic image, thus rendering them accordingly. Wide view images allow you to rotate the frame in both directions and witness much more details, when compared with…